Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Legions on Parade: David O'hara's Raven Guard

Hello to the 30k community. 

Presented here tonight is David O'hara's Raven Guard. David is one of our followers who I spend a lot of time chatting to. He is a die hard Raven Guard fan and below is his Legion. 

The force as it currently stands. We will be getting some action photos in the near future on a battle board. 

Missile Launcher Heavy support squad. 

Commander of the force and a pair of RTB01 Legionnaires (the first minis I ever purchased). 

Dark furies!

A lovely painted army. Very Matt black in appearance and stealthy looking. 

David painted it like this. 
A fairly simplistic paint scheme; Black undercoat, then a quick spray of white from the top. Black wash several times and then a light dusting of grey (partly to bring some detail out, partly to add a dusty effect as I wanted them to blend in with their bases as they are all about the stealth!) 

A little background on my force! I built this army with the intent of being an opponent for my good friend who was featured on Legions on Parade a while ago (Night Lords: “The Devils in the Dark”). Therefore I wanted the background to evolve with whatever battles we fought… So without further ado…

A Raven Guard company selected to test the prototype MK VI Armour near the end of the great crusade, the 121st “Falcon’s Claws” put the armour through its paces utilising it for the signature strikes the Raven Guard where known for. When the order came from Corax to gather the legion for the strike on Horus and his allied traitor legions, the 121st prepared their Mk VI Armour for its greatest challenge yet. The Falcon’s Claws threw themselves into the fight with the rest of their legion, only falling back when the loyalist numbers appeared to be swelled by the arrival of the Iron Warriors, Word Bearers, Night Lords and Alpha Legion.

When the traitors struck, the 121st where mauled particularly badly, being reduced to around 100 members and separated from the bulk of the legion when the order to breakout of the trap came. Rather than attempt to regroup with Corax they chose a different tactic, evading complete destruction by hijacking several traitor gunships. The strike force remained hidden in their captured craft, only heading for orbit when the traitor legions started recovering men material after the main battle was concluded. The highest ranking survivor, Shadow Captain Maltus ordered his remaining forces to converge on the damaged Night Lord Strike cruiser “Stalker in the Night”, intending to board the ship, steal it and use it to escape the system. There were several other damaged ships nearby which appeared warp viable still; however the “Stalker” was the better target. Maltus theorised that most of the legion forces should still be transiting up from the surface, making the ship vulnerable.

If you have a Legion on parade you would like to share follow the links on the left to find out how. 

Drake Seta. 


  1. Looking good Dave. I'll try and adapt that paint method for the corps... trophies on my vehicles before are armies meet ;)

  2. Looking great! Really nice job Dave. Been looking forward to seeing these :) well done

  3. Very nice. Good to see some Raven Guard.

  4. Loving the simple yet very effective stealth paint job! Also enjoyed the fluff

  5. Thanks for the kind words! I am pleased with them and I am looking forward to doing the next batch. Got some mk6 apothecarys, techmarines and chaplains built ready for painting! Roll on Corax...

  6. Really like the Fluff Dave. Would be good to see some snippets of your two Legions Duking it out on a Mortalis board.

  7. I am sure we will take lots of pictures!