Monday, 24 November 2014

Forge World Zone Mortalis: Where we are up to.

Hi World. 

Another Mortalis Monday has gone past. I have painted 5 whole board floors tonight Mechanicum Standard Grey. 

Khall has been doing silver work on the light fixtures. 

I have enrolled Lady Drake to do some brass piping too, to speed the progress up. 

We have started the doors too now. 

It is almost as long as a Starship now too! Arranged here it is 3x8.

We have glossed it to protect against the White spirit and oil paint stage which we are quickly approaching!

Starting to see the light at the end of the starship now!

Anyway. Hope you continue following our progress. Don't forget to follow our relentless progress by subscribing or through Facebook!



  1. Bloody hell that looks fantastic!

    1. I've been aiming to get my own zone mortalis board, but there is no way I'd ever match this! Want to try though, really interested in playing zone mortalis. Hope they have the board at the weekender!

  2. do you guys live again? What a joy to play on something that epic!

    1. We are based in Milton Keynes :)

    2. Hmm...only about 3500 miles away. Might be cheaper to build my own board :).