Monday, 17 November 2014

Horus Heresy Book 4. Conquest

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Now that we have seen the contents of the next Horus Heresy book from Forge World, I asked our bunnies what they are most looking forward to. Their answers were as follows:

Khall: I am looking forward to the campaign pack. It is promising the tools to create engrossing and progressive storylines and it will be interesting to see how the group incorporates this toolbox into their Great Crusade campaigns with their own characters.

Darko: I am most looking forward to seeing if they are to do anything with the shattered legions. With so much mystery behind them you would at least imagine they would make an appearance on Terra even if their exploits are expunged so would like to see if anything is going to be noted about them.

Drake: I am most looking forward to reading about what Mortarion and the Death Guard have been up to between Isstvan 5 and Molech. It will be good to hear how they attack a world without any other Legion in campaign. The Reaper of Worlds section should detail this hopefully. 
The Death Guard also show off their paired Knight house which is featured on the front cover of the book itself. I will be doing 3-5 Knights in this scheme of German Grey and Karak Stone in the future. 

It is difficult to see the names of the Knight houses; Vyronii, Makabius, Orblace and Ærthegn. These I am also very much looking forward to reading about. Why did they join / turn from the Imperium? what are their Nobles like? How long into the Great Crusade was it before they joined? Really looking forward to Knight houses in the age of darkness. 

Solar Auxilia army list also is promising to be a great read too. We know they fight at Long range (even longer than the Astra Militarum). I am hoping to see Valkyries, Shadowswords, Baneblades and the like as I do not want this list to get soooo expensive.
The Lasrifle rules compared to a standard Lasgun as I believe them to be 30" range. Also the little guys have little rockets on their belts. Are these one shot mini-Krak missiles etc?

The Experience and Injury system sounds vaguely Necromunda like and I am really looking forward to trying this out on Lieutenant Ubbag Jules of my Death Guard. I think each Bunny will be creating 1-2 characters for our Karrus Campaign and seeing where Fate takes us with these characters. 

As for me, I am most looking forward to the Solar Auxilia army list. A new army list is always exciting and after painting quite a bit of the models that have already been released for this army, I just can't help wondering what rules they have and how they will do on a battlefield. 

Please comment below with what you are most looking forward to.

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  1. Knights and the fragments of Fists, I'm really hoping the 'Garrison' detachment fits their fluff! Though six pages of relics, I wonder how wide they are?

    1. At the HH Weekender last year they said it would cover all Legions. Looking forward to seeing what they have for each force.

  2. Any word on new Legion units in this book?

    1. Nope nothing. But there are 12 pages for the 2 Traitor Legions; so maybe a Character or two each, rules for the Legion and a special unit?