Sunday, 23 November 2014

Pre-Heresy Night Lords: Grisly bits and Greenstuff moulds

Hi everyone. 

I am well into my Night Lord project now and have decided I wanted some other grim and nasty bits for my Legion to go with their terror ways. 

I really like the detail on the Night Raptors and the Terror squad torsos, so I decided to get my bluestuff moulding bits out for a spin. 

Simple stuff is bluestuff. Throw in boiling water, let it turn to the consistency of a really chewy caramel or gum.
Tear a bit off and squeeze over the item or detail you want to replicate and let cool. 

When cool you pull it off and evenly jam some greenstuff in there. Leave the greenstuff to set over night. 

Next day pull it out easily as it won't stick to bluestuff and you have a perfect representation of the piece you desired. 

Then cut and glue to your model and complete any straps / nails etc needed to keep it in place. 

Anyway. Hope it may be something to consider for you guys out there. 

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