Thursday, 13 November 2014

Solar Auxilia update

So tonight we made more on our lasrifle section of the Solar Auxilia. Today we have made progress on the armour by finishing off the colour and also advancing on the gloves and boots. The respirator sack was painted with steel legion drab. The emblem on the chests were painted with shining gold.

We have also made a start on the lasrifles themselves. To start off the guns they were given a drybrush basecoat of warplock bronze and then a coat of runelord brass. For the metal we used leadbelcher. For the gloves on the guns we used gorthor brown.

 We are only a couple of sessions away from completing these we think. We are very happy with the progress being made and the looks that this squad has. Here is a wider picture to show our results so far.

Next week we hope to start to finalise this squad and then move on to our next Solar project. Hope you guys enjoy our work so far.

Darko Thane

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  1. Thoroughly enjoying these little guys!!! Can't wait to get more of them.