Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Conquest; Campaign Toolkit - Part 2 Warzones

Hey everyone

Khall is back! Today I will look at some of the different types of Warzone described in the campaign toolkit. 

I have always felt that the Battlefields on which we fight need variety to show the differences in theatres of war. I have dabbled in creating my own before but - as with so many things - my scribblings have been lost to the winds of time lol. Conquest has presented the adventurous with many flavours of terrain, both natural and man/xenos made. I am going to go through 3 of my favourites below. Again, I wont be giving too much away.

Frozen Wasteland:
I love the idea of a snow covered battlefield with natural perils for your army to contend with. The rules for the frozen wasteland attack the effectiveness of some units if they fail a toughness test and has a really nifty change to the Gets Hot special rule. Vehicles and tanks are not exempt from the cold and as such, difficult terrain tests are harder to make successfully. My favourite rule though is a portrayal of the colds effect on close combat attacks. I think that snow will become an awesome and welcome addition to our boards...

Rad Wastes:
This is the ruleset devised for battles on a toxic world. In the description it mentions the outfall from orbital bombadments, orchestrated to scour all life from a planets surface....bleak eh? So, I like this one because it only effects people who are not prepared for the harsh environs! It pays to plan strategically which is another level of immersion. There is also a 5" rad-phade blast which is randomly allocated to a player once per turn! Awesome!

Blackened Lava Plains:
Kind of an obvious one. The special rules in these battlefields can have a nasty effect on your terrain...don't get too close, it will mince through your marines! Furthermore, any unit that is not embarked in a transport is susceptible to toxic fumes! Love it!

I think the next step will be to make certain legions more effective in different terrain conditions - something I plan on looking at. For example; should Salamanders be effected by toxic fumes etc? They come from Nocturne which is basically a massive deathtrap! I certainly want us to consider these scenarios when selecting which legion is used for compliances.

I think they are all great and really add another level. My favourite is probably the Frozen Wasteland; its just too cool (ha!) to not get engrossed in. Which is your favourite? I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings. Please stay tuned for my look at Strategic Objective Traits - coming soon :)



  1. That is a very good point Khall, really good thinking regarding Legions and Environs they are suited to. I wonder if Alan Bligh has thought about that.

    1. Thanks :)

      The Wolves of Fenris should be resistant to the cold.

  2. Anything that adds a bit of variety to battles is a good thing for me. Can't wait to try some of these out

  3. One thing I almost never see on tables...dangerous terrain. Need some fire pits, or giant monster caves that eat you if you land in them.