Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Mechanicum on Parade: The Battle Bunnies force

Hello and welcome to our Mechanicum on Parade. If you have a Legion or Heresy force you wish to showcase, follow the link on the  left and next Wednesday could be your force. 

This is the Group's communal loyalist Mechanicum force. We have started amassing a Dark Mechanicum force and additional options for this force too. Hopefully we can get the Castellax Vorax and Titans done soon!

A Triaros armoured Conveyor

The size comparison between a Krios and a Triaros is quite different. 

This is the first Magos to go on sale to the general public in the world. Quite proud of that. Lovely model and a great one off to break the mould. 

The Krios and Thallax make for a deadly team on the battlefield. The Lightning cannon is pretty excellent. 

9/12 of our Thallax. We have some other weapon options to be painted. 

The big daddy assaulting a strongpoint. 

Thanatar and Thallax

The Thanatar was a joy to paint for Khall. 

Any way. Hopefully we will build to this over the next few months (House Raven are on the schedule now ). Stay tuned, subscribe and follow us on Facebook. 

Drake Seta


  1. They all look really cool but my favorite is the thanatar, it just looks so awesome! Its one of my all time favourite models.
    (Excuse the name i change it often.... And its still me Warsmith Adrias Varr, <just saying so you know)

    1. I can see that Rhos lol. Yeah I think out of all currently the Thanatar definitely attracts the most attention. Looking forward to the Vorax now.