Friday, 5 December 2014

Solar Auxilia. First 10 Auxilaries complete.

Hi all. 
Another Thursday has passed and here is the fruits of our labour. 

We have finished 10 Solar Auxilia with Lasrifles. 

We have to then do the finishing touches on another 30 to bring these 2 squads to a complete standard. 

As soon as they are finished we are moving on to a huge amount of tanks!

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Drake Seta


  1. I really want to love the Solar Auxilia - I actually have one of the tank commanders and it's a lovely model - but what bugs me about the infantry is the weird cog thing on their backs. Do you guys have any idea what it's meant to be?

    1. It's a Steampunk-esque air processing system for Oxygen in the Void. Inside that box I can imagine a super condensed O2 tank.