Saturday, 24 January 2015

Evil Sunz: Another new project.

The Battle Bunnies are all still really preoccupied left right and centre with new family members and hectic work schedules, hence when we do get time to hobby at the moment we try to get as much done as possible to feel like we have achieved a decent amount. 

With our Great crusade Campaign approaching we are trying to get as much stuff done in as quick a time as possible. I have promised I will do an Evil Sunz force to be a force to fight against in a large Campaign, and so today whilst relaxing with new Baby Nathaniel, I got my clippers and glue out and attacked an Ork Battleforce. 

I am after a quick and easy flesh tone for the Orks. Any recommendations PLEASE post below. :)

Currently I am just aiming on a lot of infantry, Trukks and Warbikes. Hopefully I can enlist little Bunny and the Missus to help do some of the painting, to keep my time away from Forge World models to a minimum. 

Looking forward to getting this new Red tide done. 

Drake Seta