Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Forge World Newsflash: Drake Seta's Sicaran and the 2015 painting competition.

Hi all. 

I was pleased to see once again my Sicaran in the new Newsflash.  One of the proudest moments of my life was winning the best in show 2014. I won't be entering another painting competition for a while, but have got some designs up my sleeve for a Golden Daemon entry in the future. If you are going to the HH Weekender why not bring a miniature or a tank and enter it?


  1. I always enjoy seeing your tank. I'ts masterfully done. Look forward to the next piece you do for a contest!

    1. You told me to enter it Greg. Really appreciate it :)

    2. I'm glad past Greg had such good taste!

      After entering my own stuff in competitions (which if anyone thinks everyone is better then them, just look at my stuff!), Its always good to enter. It doesn't really matter if you win. What matters is the feedback and meeting the fellow artists. If you win, thats just super mega awesome...then guys like greg can hound you continuously until you post a video of your technique for making the cool streaks like John sterling does. :)

      But seriously, anyone reading this...always enter! You actually can't lose a painting competition, you can only gain experience!