Thursday, 1 January 2015

Forge World's upcoming projects and Primarchs

Happy new year to all. I hope you are all stuffing yourself stupid today. :)

So we are getting to that speculative time of the year where we have had almost all of the Forge World products released that they had previewed in Seminars. So what's outstanding, what's scheduled for design / creation and what do we know needs to be made. 

The Solar Auxilia Flamer Section.
Standard Solar Auxilia Leman Russ Chassis for all other options from Conquest (the Leman Russ with Volkite's chassis). 
Sevatar (which has been shown).  
Templar Brethren Upgrade Kit for Imperial Fists
Phalanx Upgrade kit for Imperial Fists

Scheduled for Design:
Ursarax Battle Automata
Horus Heresy Masterclass (thank the Emperor another Masterclass book - they are priceless). 

Stormhammer Super heavy tank. 
Two new Space marine fliers - hoping for the Fury and Warhawk (small Stormbird). 
Ogryns for Solar Auxilia
A new Dreadnought Chassis. This was previewed recently in the Forge World Bulletin. 
Warden Knight. (Will be 2-3 different variants). This is the Next Knight to be made and should see at the HH Weekender 2015. 

Back Burner. 
Rogue Traders. This we know is / has been planned due to the Horus Heresy book 2 Massacre entries, its status is obviously on hold or postponed. Due to the fact that it was written in a Forge World book, it seems as though they were trying to tie it in to a planned release from Games Workshop which was put on hold due to a busy release schedule or similar. 

Now. Let's talk Primarchs. 
We seemed to be the only blog out there who believed it was Curze over Perturabo, and look who came out. This was from careful observation of signs and portents (lol) of the Forge World design chaps and what minuscule information they put out. 

This is what I expect to see next:
Egan is NOT sculpting Perturabo, after reviewing all evidence and their previous patterns too - it is my belief he is working on Dorn. Forge World get all Legion specific bits and squads done before the Legion's Primarch is done nowadays. 

Edgar knocking out Perturabo using 3d tech, done for Forge World open day in April (Or March) 2015. Dorn and Perturabo could be swapped around on FW events as I am not sure who would get one done quicker. 
After that I believe it will be Corax done by Egan and Alpharius done by Edgar or possibly another Sculptor (one maybe for the European weekender if they do another one). 

This will give us enough time to see Robute Guilliman for October's Warhammer-Fest and Book 5 Tempest (if not before). 
I really don't think Calth can warrant a whole book at this stage devoted to just Word Bearers and Ultramarines (prove me wrong) as all other books have either Mechanicum, Solar Auxilia, 4 Legions's Background, Knight army lists, campaign toolboxes or multiple Campaigns. Tempest would have the Ultramarines Background, a Word Bearer catch up, a few new army list entries for the Legions (new Dreadnought, upcoming new fliers which I believe to be the Warhawk and Fury), possibly a new Titan - maybe the Nightgaunt? But apart from that and the Campaign / story it just doesn't seem to have enough. 
Things that could be thrown in: 
Fresh off the Back of Conquest; some additional Campaigns based in the 500 Worlds?
A Cultist and Traitor Armylist?
A Dark Mechanicum list?
Another new Legion and Campaign? Diamat?

Long shot:
Book 6 would be an Extermination like book with the conclusion of the Underground war on Calth, the Diamat campaign where the Dark Angels get into the Heresy. 

Leaving Vlka Fenryka and Thousand sons book 7? Also including Custodes and Sisters of Silence (basic lists to be built on later). 

White Scars and Blood Angels book 8?

More of the same book 9+

Any way. Whatever we get it will be damn good. What do you think?

Drake Seta


  1. The Leman Russ chassis is the Mars Alpha Pattern Leman Russ from the Death Korps of Krieg, if I'm not mistaken. All variants can be found there with the exception of the incinerator.

  2. I'd love to see the Thramas Crusade. That would explain the late release of Sevatar. We really need Atramentar also.

    1. Forge World is only making terminators with special rules or equipment like phoenix, firedrakes, and Gorgons. That's why Morlocks, Atramentar, and Devourers got passed over.

    2. That is true. Would still like to see some Legion Specific upgrade bits for Terminators. The Atramentar have snarling Lions on one pad (see pic on front of Prince of Crows for example).

  3. That be true, but as with the Vanquisher it comes with Death Korp Tank Commander etc. would be nice for a Solar Aux commander riding the turret. But yes the chassis is the same.

    1. Oooo, good point. Would be an easy swap for them to do too.

    2. Yup yup yup. We actually bought a pack of 3 pintle gunners for the SA Medusa, Basilisk and Dracosan - but they all came with them any way!! Lol

  4. Hoping that we get some more WE goodies rules fluff etc with book 5

  5. While I am impressed that you guys predicted Curze accurately and are paying such close attention to sculptor patterns, I am kind of confused as to how exactly you mapped out such a long road and pattern of releases. Everything after Dorn seems like it could be completely up in the air.

    However, I do put faith in your prediction Egan working on Corax, which is great news for me. Corax and Guilliman are my boys, though I'm also a fan of Dorn and many other Primarchs, and while Will Hayes is my favorite sculptor and patron of my 40K chapter, I am a big fan of Egan's work.

    1. I'm hoping they're correct, too, as that may put Alpharius near my birthday, when I'll have money to buy him... Of course, if I do that, then I'll have to finally commit to building a Heresy army, instead of just splashing like I've been doing...

  6. Egan says he probably won't be doing Perturabo and thinks he may be created with 3D tech by Edgar (Solar Auxilia were incredible). There will always be a Primarch at a key event, so that gives us Dorn in Feb at Weekender and another a couple of months later (which Egan is not really capable of sculpting one in that short time) - which leads me to believe it will be Perturabo by Edgar. Egan is not working on Corax currently but as it is one of his favourites he is looking forward to him. Which leaves Alpharius by Edgar and hopefully Guilliman for or before Warhammerfest which could be the point book 5 comes out.

    1. Do you mean the HH weekender in Feb 2016 ?