Thursday, 15 January 2015

Ork fuel depot WIP

Hi all

Inspired by the Kastrol Novem board by Forge World; little Bunny has been earning some extra pocket money by making a dual tank fuel silo for our Ork Campaigns. 

Here are some Work in progress shots. 

The main Structure is made from a paint tin, a coffee tin and Foamboard. 

2mm thick plasticard was chipped, weathered and pin viced to give the impression of metal plating. 

Squares of chequer plate Plasticard and random squares of corrugated / cereal box cardboard were placed haphazardly. 

Hopefully we will add rivets, glyphs, supports and extra detail soon. Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook. 

We will be returning to regular posts shortly too. 

Little Bunny


  1. Looks wkd. How long do you think before its complete?

    1. Cheers. Hopefully another 7 hours before painting. Got to do lots of wooden bits.