Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Ork Fuel depot WIP.

Another 3 hours down and Little Bunny and I have got a bit further along with our second Ork Building project. 

The Plasticard was glued on after chips were cut out and bullet holes pin viced in. 

3 Ladders will be required to the landing and 2 up to the top of the Tanks. 

Lots of Ork Glyphs have found there way onto the piece. 

We have started adding rivets and bolts but as you can imagine it is very time intensive. 

We are also looking at doing 3 Ork Bastions, an assortment of Huts, and a few scrap heaps. I have also been looking at Dawn of war for some inspiration. 

Mek shop

Stay tuned :)

Drake Seta and little Bunny. 

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