Sunday, 8 February 2015

Notes From the Tempest Seminar

Tempest Seminar brief notes, it has been a long weekend and I am tired lol:

First of all, here is Guilliman again <3 

Optimistically due to be released in Spring 2015 maybe at Grand Opening in May.

About the first part of Calth - the invasion.
There is a campaign.
Background on 500 Worlds.
Ship battles vs Daemons but not so many Daemons in Tempest
Argel Tal book 6
Legendary battle with Guilliman and Kor Phaeron in know of what I speak lol

What's in it:
Background of the Legion
Breacher squad with axes and shields with gladius slot designed by Mark Bedford (didn't catch the name)
Honour Guard
Guilliman in!
'Dreadnought that fell from the sky' - Telemechrus
'Important captain' - Ventanus?
Empire within an Empire is explained. Why Guilliman was allowed to build the 500 worlds and for what reason! 

Word Bearers
Further background
Updated rules for all Characters - Lorgar brought into 7th, hopefully with less invisibility lol

A few extra units and updates.
Ordinatis not in.

Imperial Militia
There is an Army List

Warp Cults
There is an Army List
Rely on numbers
Can use own creativity - not sure if a model range was confirmed.

House Vornher - largest in segmentum from Ithrica. Get destroyed on Calth. Some survivor's not on Calth. Still around in 40k but a different name...

Background on 2 Legios

Where we go after Tempest:
Masterclass book in 6 months
Book 6 - Shadow Crusade, Underworld war, World Eaters.
Prospero - Challenges, a lot to fit in - Custodes, Sisters and 'other agents you didn't know were there'.
Thousand Sons are nearly done, play testing has or is going ahead - tough to get right. Different Cults are included. Right and powerful but not OP. Want them to still rely on Legion tech.
Ol Person etc may be included in agents listbeventually.
Airbrush paints later in year.

If you have any questions please ask below and I will answer asap :)




  1. Wait wait wait! Ordinatus not in!! Where will it be instead?!
    House Vornher look fantastic, will you be doing a Knight house for them Khall?

  2. Oh those breachers sound interesting, looking to be a great book with everything in there. So the airbrush paints are true then? That's exciting always on the lookout for goo paints!

  3. Ok so Book 5 will be Calth first half. Book 6 shadow crusade, underground war but why would sanguinius or Lion'el be included? are you saying that there will also be Signus Prime or Thramas in that book as well? and then book 7 is Prospero (which apparently will be really big?). Also, ok so Guilliman is next with Egan working on him but then Edgar is Working on Perturabo you believe except that you think Corax is next? Im Confused :P but amazing coverage cheers guys! :D

    1. Sanguinius and Lion due to the whole Imperium Secondus thing. Also a good place to put in the small Thrammas and Signus conflicts. Sorry this was confusing :s

      I was not aware of Edgar working on a Primarch, but now I am; my opinion has changed to Simon - Guilliman then Corax as above and Edgar on Perturabo :)

    2. Oh I see well thats awesome my only question is Book 6 will be big then with Underground, Shadow and lets say Thrammas. That would indeed be a great book plus it introduces the Dark Angels. My thoughts are it would be called Crusade? But then where will Signus be placed, do u believe in a book maybe with the White Scars (the only oother legion left) :)

  4. Anything from the "Stone and Iron" seminar?

    1. Nothing that the readers of the Novels and fluff didn't already know sadly.

  5. It's all really exciting and I think the design team are doing a fantastic job in putting it all together.

    They're turning many of the things I used to dream of 20 years ago, into real models/books and the quality is fantastic.

    Can't wait to see the Shadow Crusade, Signus and Prospero stuff to come.

  6. Thanks again bunnies for all your always incredible coverage of these events!

    1. Awh. Thanks. We all enjoy it. We will be reporting on the Grand Opening of Warhammer World in May.

  7. Were the boarding marines the evocati? The show up quite a bit in books that feature ultramarines ;)

  8. Awesome update, thank you. Question - any mention of when Space Wolves appear? My assumption would be Prospero (and therefore about book 7)...

    1. Yup. Apparently before the end of 2016.