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Saturday Knight: House Makabius.

Knight Houses in the Great Crusade and Heresy pt1

Hi all. It's been a while since Knights were first introduced onto our gaming tables (and my 8 are still boxed - though for hopefully not much longer). Choosing the Knight house that is best for you to is like choosing a pair of new shoes. 

Some houses were not discovered during the Great Crusade or even Heresy (Terryn for example sadly - TBC possible canon conflict), others were only hinted at being around and must be assumed and some are so cut and dry it is fantastic. 

So here I aim to give you the following information; what suits they favoured, colour scheme, Segmentum, Homeworld, Loyalty, Lord and most importantly the Legions they may have quested with. 

House Makabius
Homeworld: Baroda (Makabius destroyed / overthrew every other Knight House on Baroda during At 831. M30). 
Segmentum: Obscurus
Lord: Lord Martial Sirus Lenthale (at discovery), 
Markhan Hrotham at time of Heresy. Discovered by: Expeditionary Fleet with 1000 Imperial Fists. 
Allegiance: In Great Crusade they were tied to Mezoa (after discovery by Imperial Fists), whilst many Freeblades left to go Questing with various Expedition fleets in northern reaches of the Imperium. These were often referred to as 'Forlorn hope' due to their willingness to spearhead many assaults and sieges. Scion Markhan Hrotham earned the respect of the Luna Wolves after their actions on Skarron, earning him a place in the Luna Wolves upper Echelons. This eventually led to a second wind for the Knight House, with missives seeking allegiance to the Warmasters' cause in the Months before the Isstvan 3 Betrayal. Markhan took the title of Lord Protector and ousted Sirus from power. 
There was a brief Civil war on Baroda as the other Makabius elements returned and fastidiously remained loyal to the Imperium. 
006 m31 the Death Guard arrive instead of the expected Sons of Horus to take the Knight house and all assets. 
Markhan never returned to his Household but did continue to fight with unrestrained savagery on the battlefields during the Horus Heresy.  

Notes. Took many years for new suits to arrive from Mezoa, during this time Sirus banned Questing turning many young Scions into Freeblades. 

Materiél strength. 
During the Great Crusade, Makabius only maintained a few Cerastus chassis. These numbers were bolstered in the dawn of the Heresy. They have Knights in poor condition sometimes bastardised from several different chassis. 
Recommended Loadout;
Great Crusade ratio: 3:2 Standard Chassis to Cerastus / Warden chassis. 
Horus Heresy: 2:3 Standard Chassis to Cerastus / Warden chassis. 

Forge World's Paul Rudge created this fantastic scheme. 
The model is airbrushed with a base coat of Tamiya flat aluminium over a black undercoat.

Make a thin wash from equal parts Seraphim Sepia, Nuln Oil, Lahmian medium(or Tamiya klear) and water, this wash is brushed over the entire model 2 or 3 times, allowing it to dry between coats.

The colours of the armour plates are Karak Stone for the lighter colour and Vellejo model colour 995 or Tamiya German grey(either can be used as they are very similar in colour).

The trim on the armour plates is painted Auric Armour gold then the edge is given a light drybrush of Iron Breaker.

Then lightly sponge a colour made from Abaddon black and Rhinox hide over the edges of the metal across the entire model.

Use a wash of Seraphim Sepia to add oil like staining to all the moving joints and pistons. Also apply washes over the gold areas and allow it to pool around rivets.

The streaking on the armour plates is also created using Seraphim Sepia. 

Hope you like this new feature. Comment below and follow us on Facebook. 

Thanks to Zach Wooten for the illustrations :)


  1. Makabius are a great looking House. To try and capture their vibe I think Khall and I (Death Guard and Luna Wolves) will be getting the following; Knight Paladin, Errant, Castigator. We will be waiting for a Warden chassis and a Crusader variant to come out too to bolster to a 5 Knight Lance.

    1. Far out... I can't wait to see what your whole group's forces look like arrayed together! That would be awesome!!

  2. Great of my new favorite Knight Houses! If you would like, I have some high-def images, including the iconography, house heraldry and the Knights themselves, if you would like me to share. Just happen to be one of the Senior Administrators on the Warhammer 40K Wiki ('Algrim Whitefang'). Just drop me message if you would like any artwork. Great website!

    1. Recognised Algrim Whitefang straight away :) that would be excellent. I will be in touch!
      Thanks for the compliment too!

    2. Zach, I'm looking for hi-def images of iconography and house heraldry for Makabius... how can I get in touch with you?

    3. Hi and welcome Bully.
      Forge World are getting through the Legion and Legio transfers now. Apparently the Knight houses are next.
      That may answer your needs?

  3. You have 8 Knights? I'm some what jealous ;) Great article though on what is fast becoming one of my favourite aspects of the hobby. I'd love definitely love to see more in the future! :)

    1. Good good. We are trying to keep as close as possible to a solid fluffy timeline (on rails) as possible. Next week will be House Raven I think, the first one Khall and I are doing together (big mechanicum house referenced in the Great Crusade).

  4. Damn I am desapointed, I just ordered a Acheron with the plan to make Terryn House knights for the loyalist in 30k but if they weren't discovered at that time I am screwed. I need to find a new paint scheme now...

    1. Yup. In the companion guide Terryn were pledged m36 or m38.
      Palakir I seem to remember you collect Night Lords? If so Orhlac might be for you.

    2. Well i do collect NL but I want to have some loyalist element if I need to play with guys that have some traitors. The FW knights look amazing so I though I could do just that

    3. Page 12 Imperial Knight Companion guide "239.m35 - Seuitonius Terryn takes the Oath of Allegiance to the Emperor of Mankind"
      Page 22 "When Seuitonius Thucidides Terryn forged a formal alliance with the Imperium he was Canny enough to ensure that Voltoris law was changed so that any Knight under arms in the service of the Emperor was exempt from his ceremonial obligations."
      This isn't totally cut and dry, but this is where I got the info from.

    4. . . . But one famous engagement shows Cadmus and Terryn destroying House Devine and reclaiming Molech. That'll do. They were there! Lol.

    5. So looks like Cadmus and Terryn took back Molech to house Devine after Horus was defeated by the Emperor, so technically speaking I could explain them being there in some fights with the Traitors.
      I want to take the Terryn house update kit for my Seneschal. I think it would look good no? Even if somehow my Night Lords are blue and I make blue knights ;)

    6. It's great to read the colour scheme directly from its original painter. I'm going to paint my Acheron and Castigator as House Makabius, but i wasnt sure about the lighter colour.

      Do you know how did he make the house symbols all around the knight? I'm almost sure those arent painted (well, maybe the shoulder one...), but the I.K. transfer sheet doesn't include house Makabius. Maybe printing the transfers?

    7. Hi. Paul Rudge was the man who was in charge of the Transfers that FW produce, so he just had to print and make. I believe they will release them in short order - and I believe Jes Goodwins' daughter has recently taken on the transfer duty at FW. There are many ways to print your own if you get a hi res symbol.
      The Horus eyes are from the SOH transfer sheets I think.

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  6. does anyone know how paul rudge does his death guard