Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Legions on Parade: Matt Woodsmith's World Eaters

Hi all. Today we have a beautiful World Eater army up for Legions on Parade. Let's have a look. 

Here is what Matt has to say on this beautiful Legion;

They were painted using the method from Forgeworld’s guide available on their download section – spray white and then wash using a mix of Nuln Oil/Drakenhof Nightshade/Lamhain Medium/Water. Then sponge white thinned with Lahmian Medium over the top. I’ve added an additional line highlight of white on top of that as well to neaten them a bit. 

The blue areas are sprayed Ultramarine blue separately, washed using the same wash mix as the white areas, highlighted with Calgar Blue and given a coat of Guilliman Blue glaze to bring out the colour. 

After matt varnishing, I’ve flicked Blood for the Blood God over the top for blood splatter. 

The contrast of high gloss red and dullcote finish on the armour is quite pleasing. 

My favourite unit is probably the Attack Bikes – I’m rather pleased with how the conversion came out and I like that they come with Chain Axes in addition to the Autocannon. 

This for me sums up the pre-Heresy World Eaters; they’re capable of the speed, manoeuvrability and firepower of all the Astartes Legions, but with added bloodthirstiness exemplified by the entirely unnecessary Chain Axes. 

They often act in the game in the way I think they should act in the background (credit to Forgeworld’s rules guys - they regularly get this right) – instead of claiming that militarily useful objective, they often go haring off after the next source of bloody violence. This makes them great warriors, but terrible soldiers – exactly as I imagine them to be. 

Matt Woodsmith. 

Well that is all from us for this week's Legion on Parade. Perhaps you have a Legion you want to share. Follow the guide on the left hand side and yours could be up next Wednesday. 

Drake Seta


  1. Amazing looking world eaters there

    Love the attack bike conversion
    Very original

  2. It's so nice to see a World eaters army that is not a complete mess!
    Well done, they are beautiful. Elegant and well painted, but also brutal!
    Where can we see more?

    1. Yep, less is definitely more for me when it comes to weathering. I only do it on vehicles - on the infantry, there's not enough space to make it look good using a sponge technique.

  3. The chipping has been done perfectly. Not too much and subtle. Excellent.

  4. Wow, these are truly awesome. Loving the blue!! Going to use that scheme on my Ultramarines now lol!

  5. Do you mean Macragge Blue spray?

    1. No, I do mean Ultramarine Blue spray, but from Army Painter! Although it's an excellent paint, I'm currently looking for an alternative - I'm not impressed by the quality of the cans themselves. The inside of my wheelie bin now has a fetching blue colour thanks to a can failure...

    2. I hate army painter lol bad experiences too. Ruined a model and then condescending email back from the director suggesting I didn't know how to use spray paint.

  6. Thanks for the kind words guys! I'm working on putting together a new blog at the moment where I'll be able to post whatever I'm working on.

  7. Absolutely lovely force! Love the blue and white!

  8. Ah nice to see a fellow World Eater army, they look great :) top marks :D