Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Legions on Parade: Max Golovanov's Vlka Fenryka

Hello once again to all the Heresy and 30k fans out there.

Today on Legions on Parade we have our first Space Wolf Legion. 

A lot of love and time has gone into Max's Rout. Here we have a ltd edition Wolf priest and Wulfen. 

Cataphractii and a Sparten with a  Contemptor in support. The Hammer is a great touch. 

The Legion advances. 

Scimitar Jetbikes 

A lot of characterisation has gone into his models. 

Great to see some of the old Rogue Trader vehicles on the board. The Vindicators with Laser destroyers are very nice. 

3 Storm Eagles for when you just can't breach a wall. 

A drink driver. 

3 Rapiers. 

More great looking characters. 

The conversions that Max has done show this to be a well loved army with lots of time put into it. He has captured the individual feel of the Rout, where each Fenrisian seems to be telling their own Saga. 

Well done Max. A great looking Legion. 

Maybe you have a Legion you would like us to showcase. Follow the links on the left and yours could be next Wednesday. 

Drake Seta


  1. Nice looking legion! Really smart job!

  2. Really like that each model looks unique. Looks really kl