Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Pre-Heresy Death Guard: Grave Warden WIP

Hi all

With our Karrus Campaign approaching I have decided to turn my attention back to my most complete Legion; Death Guard. 

So here is my WIP Grave Warden and their master Typhon. I have gone for 21 in total (multiples of 7 with a big enough force to represent a spear tip. 

As there are only 7 Captains of the Seven Companies, with Typhon being in charge of the 1st Company, I cannot be sure if the Death Guard 1st Company is made up of pure veterans and Terminators or whether it was a standard Death Guard Company with Grave Warden being the elite. 

Grave Warden could be part of other Companies in the Death Guard too, as I think I read that it said that "Terminators which were equipped with Alchemical and toxic weaponry were collectively known as Grave Warden". 

Anyway, will be slow progress but keep tuned in. 

Drake Seta


  1. Looking really kl. Not looking forward to facing them in a battle though lol

  2. Those are looking really good. It's a serious unit to be facing off against that's for sure.