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Saturday Knight: House Orhlacc

Saturday Knight: Orhlacc

Hi all. It's been a while since Knights were first introduced onto our gaming tables (and my 8 are still boxed - though for hopefully not much longer). Choosing the Knight house that is best for you to is like choosing a pair of new shoes. 

So here I aim to give you the following information; what suits they favoured, colour scheme, Segmentum, Homeworld, Loyalty, Lord and most importantly the Legions they may have quested with. 

This week; House Orhlacc. One of the few Knight Houses from Conquest which has not had a Knight painted for them, so will be giving my opinion on how at the bottom. 

House Orhlacc
Homeworld: Dark Haven (Orhlacc destroyed / overthrew every other Knight House on Dark Haven when they warred for resources and supplies.  during Great Crusade). 
Segmentum: Obscurus
Lord: No information. 
Discovered by: 7th Expeditionary Fleet led by Suleiman Grimm of the Dark Angels 1st Legion in 833.M30. Several Hundred working Knights 
Allegiance: In Great Crusade when discovered in 833.M30; the Dark Angels left Dark Haven after reaching a conflict free compliance with 1/3 of the Knights that House Orthlacc possessed, to be under his command in the 7th Expeditionary fleet. This pact lasted 30 years. 
They fought throughout the Great Crusade with Night Lords, Blood Angels and Dark Angels as Legions of note, as well as the Sisters of Silence and Ordo Reductor. 
They were granted the Memento Mori by the Emperor himself, to show his respect for the House, grant them further independence and sanctify their genetic deviancy that the Gene-wrights had bestowed up on them to survive the world of Dark Haven. 
They were supported by the Forge Worlds of: Lucius (Where their Founding Ark originated), Mezoa and Kalibrax.  
When the Horus Heresy hit they avoided direct intervention / manipulation by the Warmaster. When they heard about the Isstvan V Massacre from a fleeing ship of the Loyalists, they prepared their response to expected Summons from the Warmaster. It came in the form of Charid Undine a prideful Rogue Trader. Her Force was destroyed and her fleet taken so that nearly all of House Orhlacc's Knights were evacuated, with nought but a Caretaker force remaining. 

Materiél strength. 
During the Great Crusade Orhlacc had several Hundred working and fully maintained suits. Advanced Chassis such as the Cerastus suits were very common as were Questoris variants. The most common suit was the Questoris Errant which was favoured for its Heat weaponry which was used to cleanse the Fungal landscape of Dark Haven. Other marks such as Castigator and Archaron were also very popular.    
Recommended Loadout;
Great Crusade ratio: 2:3 Questoris Chassis to Cerastus / Warden chassis. Errant, Archaron and Castigator should form base list. 
Horus Heresy: 2:3 Questoris Chassis to Cerastus / Warden chassis. Errant, Archaron and Castigator should form base list.

Paint scheme (How Drake Seta will attempt it / with assistance from Makabius scheme). 

The structure of the model is airbrushed with a base coat of Tamiya flat aluminium over a black undercoat.

Make a thin wash from equal parts Seraphim Sepia, Nuln Oil, Lahmian medium (or Tamiya klear) and water, this wash is brushed over the entire model 2 times, allowing it to dry between coats.

The Purple on the armour plates will be sprayed Chaos Black and sponged lightly with Iron Breaker, several coats of thinned 50:50 Xerxes Purple and Genestealer purple will be done over these segments. The Iron Breaker underneath should help to add slight texture to the colour.

The trim on the armour plates is painted Hashut Copper then the edge is given a light drybrush of Gehenna Gold.

Then lightly sponge a colour made from Abaddon black and Rhinox hide over the edges of the metal across the entire model.

Use a wash of Seraphim Sepia to add oil like staining to all the moving joints and pistons. Also apply washes over the copper gold areas and allow it to pool around rivets.

Hope you enjoy. If you have attempted a Knight of this house already let me know below. 

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Drake Seta


  1. This house is perfect! The colours, the manticore. I got my knight when they first came out and painted it in pretty much this scheme, no iconography on it as it stands, but with any luck a transfer sheet shall come out! Thanks once again guys! :)

  2. These little features/guides are cool. Thanks for sharing!

  3. No Problem guys, hopefully they will do a Knight Transfer sheet for each house. Darko and I are planning 3 Knights for this house. A Lancer, Errant and Archaron.