Sunday, 15 March 2015

Weekly Progress Report

Hi all. 

The time has come for us bunnies to share with you guys/girls what we have been up to.  So sit back and enjoy,

Drake Seta

Drake Seta has decided he needs to revisit / bolster his Death Guard before he moves on to another Legion. He needed to have Another Commander for the upcoming Karrus Campaign start and decided Typhon finally needed to get out of his box. But he could not have Typhon without his elite as it would not look correct. So he needed to do 5 Grave Warden. 5+1 is not Mortarion's favourite number and so he would need to do multiples of 7. 7 / 14 / 21 = 20 Grave Warden and Typhon made perfect sense. Here they are WIP.

Darko Thane

Darko has made a nice start to his next legion. He has inherited the Emperors Children from Khall and made a start on new units. A post will follow soon going over the changes but for now he has started:

5 phoenix guard
5 palatine blades
Rylanor the Unyielding
Other specific EC accessories including shoulder pads and jump packs for the palatines

Darko has also been continuing his reading with fear to tread and is falling deeper in love with blood angels

Targel Vypus

I have trimmed 20 assault marines, 5 terminators and Kor Phaeron for which I plan run a big train on.

I have also completed my stage of our communal project. Here is a pic of our groups current progress on the new Solar Auxilia Ogryns.

That concludes this weeks progress report. Please comment below with your thoughts and don't forget to like our Facebook page and send in pics of your army and you may even get to see it on our armies on parade post every Wednesday. Also let us know what progress you have made this week

Take care :-) 


  1. Bloody hell Darko! That is impressive!! Love a good Resin bath.

  2. Nicely done this week guys. Sorry i had nothing to contribute.