Friday, 3 April 2015

Forge World release 3/4

So another Friday rolls around and gifts us with another great release from Forge World. This week we have been shown the newest board to be released; the Realm of Battle Imperial Primus Redoubt. This looks great as do all the boards that have been released such as the Castellum.

Thesr are only a handful of pictures so if you want to see every angle and also the experimental rules for this check it out on the Forge World website.

What do you guys think to the new board? What would you like to see next? Leave us your comments below :)

Darko Thane


  1. That is awesome. Would love to see how the Strongpoint tile they brought out a long time ago (same style) can be married to it. It's getting to a point where we need bigger and bigger boards. 6x6 or 6x8 would be ideal for the Castellum and / or the Strongpoint tiles, 12" deployment zones on most battles don't work too well for these boards by experience.

  2. Replies
    1. lol. Or a Grim-dark Servitor girl run Titty-bar?

    2. I just want to see something ridiculous and off the wall. A nice mechanicum garage would be sweet. Vehicle repair depot or some such!

  3. I actually agree with Gregg something more Mechanicum to accentuate the already existing FW Cityscape tiles would be awesome. A Titan re-fit yard or more of the type of stuff they did for the Calth board for the HH weekender. Esp. those really cool container modules they would be great. Even the wrecked Baneblade they have that would be a great release. They've produced several for boards and painting tutorials just a shame they've never made any for general production.
    I'm still looking forward to the TH landing pad with a lack of the Anphelion Project one :(

    1. Will get the Thunderhawk landing pad tile I think.

      I would love to see them do the Anphelion base again. Something that I feel Inalways missed out on.

    2. Yeah, definitely something I wish I had bought when I had the opportunity. Even just the landing pad and the Comms bunker would be awesome. I really liked the trailers too, the tracked ones designed to be pulled by the Trojan. There was a cargo can and a fuel/water bowser option. They were really good.
      Such a shame they ceased production on some really good minis yet continue to offer tanks like the 'Minotaur' and the ridiculous Tau Manta, and don't know of anyone having ever bought the Fortress Walls yet many many people wish the Anphelion Base was still available.
      It's beyond me...