Saturday, 25 April 2015

New Horus Heresy Audios

Hi all

As per my prediction (mainly through common sense), Nemesis has just been released on unabridged Audiobook to coincide with Assassinorum: Execution Team. Happy this has come out just as I am wrapping up Mechanicum on Audio. 

It's nice to know that GW and BL do plan releases to promote each other's projects and ranges. 

The Shadowmasters by Gav Thorpe has just been released too. This I am thankful of too because I am about to complete Wolf Mother in Blades of the Traitor (which would have brought me fully up to date on all Horus Heresy Stories). 

What's it about;

The Mor Deythan stand apart from their brothers of the Raven Guard Legion – indeed, there are many who would claim that they do not even exist. Blessed with the same powers of stealth and subterfuge as their primarch Corax, the self-styled Shadowmasters may slip through any battlefield, unseen and unheard, until they are ready to strike. Now, as the Legion mounts its attack on the forge-temples of Atlas, Brother-Sergeant Chamell leads his warriors on a vital, clandestine mission to strike at the enemy’s heart…

Having just finished Raptor I am very interested in the Raven Guard Legion Specific units. I am looking forward to learning more about the Mor Deythan. 

Drake Seta


  1. :D yay mor Deythan! now if the models would release

  2. For $5, not a bad little audio drama. Loved the further background for my second favorite legion!

    1. Not many people are on top of the Heresy stories :) I tip my hat to you.

  3. Is Nemesis good? Wouldn't mind reading up on assassins.