Monday 27 April 2015

New Knights Confirmed. 2nd of May here we come.

New Knights 2nd May. 
Reaper Chainsword, Power Fist and Missile Launcher. 

Battle Cannon, Rotor Autoannon and ?

Rotor Autocannon, Missile Launcher and Power Fist. Warden. 

Clearly has similar legs as the Paladin Kit and not as beefy as I expected or would have liked. 

I'm sure they will look great, but my first impression is that the chassis is too similar to the current Knight. Gallant, Crusader and Warden. 

Still excited Though. 

Drake Seta. 


  1. Nice to get new weapons but must admit I'm disappointed it's the same chassis.

  2. Its a good notice for Knights fans, but when i see the siluetes i dont get exited like a year ago whit the Paladin and Errant Knight, in any case im expected to see more about the akimbo shooter knight.

  3. I'm hoping I can field a Errant with a fist as was it's due. Luckily House Raven are still boxed.

  4. Who was it that had something like 8 knights still in boxes? Can we expect this figure to double? ;) Excited for this release!

    1. Lol. Was expecting it to! Not too sure yet. Will wait to see if FW has any others in the pipe line :)

  5. Just got an email from forgeworld depicting what looks like a giant titan foot... thought you ought to know.

  6. Yeah im dissapointed about the chassis also... New options are cool though!

    1. Yup. I do hope the Forge World Knights end up in the Codex too. Would be good to see a crossover Codex.

  7. I'd really like to see an updated codex purely from the point of view that the current one doesn't allow for the same army building opportunities as the one currently in HH:IV.
    If they update it to include all those options and the new knight then I'll be happy.
    Again....I'm disappointed also that the chassis isn't bulkier.
    From the outline they've turned the knight into an upscaled version of the old Adeptus Titanicus/Epic/Space-marine era plastic warlord.
    That isn't necessarily a bad thing and I can see why they would want to keep the asthetic, BUT IMHO if it's just a case of weapon additions to the current chassis then that is a VERY lazy approach.
    At least with the Warlord FW have overtly copies the current Cerastus Knight chassis to continue the aesthetic to tie it all in.
    To just add weapons to the plastic knight and call it something different is just a lazy way of cashing in rather than a logical thought process of developing the Knight mini.
    Hopefully though all good thing will come :D