Wednesday 29 April 2015

Tactical Marines - A Theoretical and Practical Approach

Hey Bunnies!

Time to start thinking like Guilliman! I want make my Ultramarine army as fluffy as possible so tonight I am going to take a look at two of the main unit choices for my beloved Smurfs!

Theoretical: First up is the tactical squad. With such high numbers in the legion it's fair to presume that this would mainly comprise of tactical marines. 

So, as I will be playing in Great Crusade AND Heresy with this legion I have decided I will do 2 squads - one of MK2 and one of MK4. I believe that Guilliman will have distributed new MKs of armour to full company's and not just individual squads or marines. Also, with large amounts of production capacity from the 500 Worlds, I think there would have been a large amount of MK4 present right from its launch. My whole legion will be MK4 heavy. However for the Calth battles I will have a mixture which will look totally ace!

Theoretical: Tactical support squads. I am sure that Guilliman will have produced every type of specialist weapon available to the Tactical support squads. 

Practical: I will be doing a 5 man squad of each. For the older weapons like Volkite I will bedeck the squad in MK2 armour and for the rest it will be MK4.

Where does MK3 come into all this? I personally don't think a tactical genius with exception logistical and production ability would have allowed his most mobile troops to walk in battle in MK3. Therefore I will be saving MK3 for less mobile squads. I will discuss this in a future post.

So what do you think? Comments below please 😊 



  1. I think it is a good point. I do not think mixed armour in the Ultramarines basic Tactical squads would be seen, as it could be the source of multiple problems. I would go as far to say the same with Bolters too.

  2. Those breacher siege squads look splendid in their mkiii battle plate.

  3. Good thoughts! I to have been playing with ideas of how and whati would be doing for the XIIIth. Good points on armor and squads. Personally, and since i already have so much on my plate, I'm waiting for more info from the next book.

  4. good starting point, but don't forget the awesome Praetor Armour (which was made as a Ultramarine replacement for MkIV if i remember KNF correctly)! You should have 1:2:2 Crusader:Maximus:Praetor armour imo :P


    1. Nice one Atia. Completely agree too. I left out mention of praetor pattern because I am not sure to what level FW will release models for it. I think that is something I will update when I know more :)

    2. as far as i remember the weekender, we should get atleast helmets and chest plates for normal dudes and veterans :P

    3. It will be an upgrade pack to mk4. I seem to remember at the beginning of the Calth Atrocity in know no fear they mention that the Legion was into its transition to Praetor pattern. Now praying that the plastic box set rumours are true which I completely believe, Khall should be able to get the Praetor chests and Helms in a 10 man set (similar to recent upgrade releases).