Thursday 14 May 2015

Are Horus Heresy plastic kits closer than we think?


During my daily sortie onto the Forge World Website I noticed something interesting. 

Stopped me in my tracks really. . . How long has this kit been round? Why show the Legion MK IV off in their cyclical banner? We all know what it looks like. For any Heresy Gamer this kit is like popping to your local Supermarket for some bread, you know you need it and so it usually isn't heavily advertised. Why this set is up instead of the Solar Auxilia or even the Warhound Titan (with all the Titan love abundant at the moment) is beyond me. 

Then this came up. 

. . . And this. . . .

Can't help feel that an old car is being taken for one last spin before being traded in for a new chassis. 

Now with all the Heresy Plastic kit rumours going round at the moment, I can't help but feel like; ooooh, maybe soon :)

. . . Or maybe it's just cos of Tempest. . .

Might gleam more on Saturday. Make sure you are glued to our blog for on the fly coverage of the Grand Opening of Warhammer World. 

Drake Seta


  1. Nice thoughts Drake! Of course I finally bought some 30k kits...which guarantees they will go to plastic immediately. :)

  2. My money is on "not anytime soon."

  3. Yeah I don't think this is indicative as the rumours said only one mk of standard armour would be available in plastic but who knows...

  4. But look at the third mk2 guy going from left to right. His bolter is ejecting shells. What kit is that from?

    1. That is from an Ork boy. But misleading.

    2. Ok. But could be leading to something?

    3. Will be grabbing Tony C today to see what he says

  5. The farthest right of the Mk IV marines has plastic legs. Looks like the ones from the GW Tactical Marine Box Set.