Wednesday 10 June 2015

Alpha Legion, Iron Warriors and Night Lord Legion transfers!

That's it. Two of my Legion Transfer Sheets and one of Darko's are ready for release, and not a moment too soon. My Iron Warriors have been screaming to be finished off and now the end is in sight. 

The below Photos were taken from Heresy 30k blog spot. Thanks Loken. 

The banners and Skulls look great. Really impressive designs. 

I am extremely happy to see an Artistic representation of the Reaper which has been seen on the side of some vehicle art work.

Some lovely hydras here entwined with Characters of the Alpha and the Omega (and Epsilon. . . . FW you tease us. . . They can't be Triplets as hinted in your Extermination book. . . Can there?). 

Great stuff. Happy I still haven't started the VIII Legion yet, with all the new paints and Transfers coming out. 

Drake Seta


  1. Super keen for the VIII transfers!
    Something you may find interesting to note about the Alpha Legion transfers - the two x symbol for 20 is arrayed like an Ingwaz rune. Maybe unrelated, just caught my eye.

  2. Could be relevant. Has a few meanings though. Good spot.

  3. Is there a significance to the Iron Warriors sheet having aquilas? Did they have more Terran loyalists due to their dispersed garrison deployments?

    1. To my memory, they had at least two major commanders remain loyal.

    2. Barnabas Dantioch, Kyr Vhalen and maybe the obscure Warsmith Auric Saxton from "Betrayal", who put an Emperor's Children Lord Commander quite deservedly out of his misery would make a third. Cheers.