Monday 1 June 2015

Forge World Bulletin 01/06/2015

Today Forge World are previewing new Alpha Legion upgrade bits. They look fantastic and we are all really impressed with them. 

The helm and iconography look great. 

Also we have some great Death Guard painted by Paul Rudge (bloody decent bloke who always has time to discuss and give painting tips). 

Looks like we may be seeing more of the XX Legion soon. 

Drake Seta


  1. Did we get a rease date for guilimen at the grand opening?

  2. Why do i feel those helms would be better on World Eaters?

  3. I do love myself some Mechanicum.

  4. The Alpha on the helmet reminds me the Assassin's Creed symbole, too much time spent playing this serie...^^'

    I'm not convinced by this one, waiting to see more stuff. But good to see there won't be only Ultramarines and Word Bearers during the coming weeks!

    1. Yeah some good times ahead. I'm making some charts at the mo which show what Legions are at what stage in the Forge World releases schedule. Word Bearers are by far the favourites with Iron Warriors in last place. Perturabo can't come around quick enough.

  5. hello bunnies!! long time fan, just never a poster on your website.
    i have a question for you.
    i am looking to start a Horus Heresy army of ultras but do not yet own any books. i will be making a forge world order at their next free shipping offer and am wondering what should be on it. obviously the boy in blue himself should be there but what else would you recommend?
    i have a sample army list that i have in mind for my ultras and it goes like this:
    HQ- master of signals?
    Troops- 2x20 man legion tactical squads
    1x10 legion support squad
    Elites- cataphractii terminator squad?
    Fast- Fire Raptor?(is this the right spot)
    Heavy- 1x10 legion las cannon team
    1x10 legion volkite charronade team?(not sure if thats the right Volkite weapon)
    LOw- Primarch
    anything else you would change/suggest for that force?
    also what would the points be for an army like that?
    i understand if yo don't answer some of these questions as they give away points or stuff like that but i would very much appreciate it.
    thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Simon!
      Thanks for your comment! We love hearing from our readers so please don't be a stranger in the future :)

      As I am sure you are aware the Ultramarines are all about flexibility and adaptability, changing and using units as befits the situation. Considering that battles will be of 1500-2500pts, I have gone for smaller and more varied squads:
      1 x 10 man tactical
      1 x 10 man despoiler
      1 x 10 man assault
      1 x 10 man breacher
      5 x 5 man tactical support (with different set ups as required)
      Fast attack:
      Storm Eagle
      Javelin Squad
      Legion Specific Unit (forget the name)
      Heavy Support - I believe Guilliman is quite pragmatic and understands the best way to transport heavy weapons is tanks so:
      Predator squadron
      Locutarus Terminator Squad - legion specific
      Fire Raptor
      Contemptor Talon
      Terminator Squad - Cataphractii
      Invictarii Suzerein - Legion Specific
      Veteran Squad - Invictarii upgrade kit
      Obviously this is just my suggested set up.
      Your suggested force is around 2500pts I think :)

      Hope this is informative in some way.

    2. Master of Signal is a fluffy HQ too - good choice! He is in the UMs Rite of War.

      Also, Guilliman is a must lol

    3. thanks a ton. unfortunatly i am on a tight budget so i would not be able to get all that in one go. also i was thinking that despoiler squads might not be respectable in an ultramarine detachment as they are not like by legions, right? i do like the idea of small 10 man units cause the are money effective but i also like the look of massive 20 man units and want to bring that to the table.
      so new list:
      HQ- master of signals
      Troops- 1x20 tactical squad
      1x10 assault squad
      2x5 tactical support squad with plasma
      1x10 breacher squad
      Fast attack- legion specific unit
      Heavy- Fire raptor
      1x10 Locutarus Terminator squad
      Elites- 1x10 Invictarii Suzerein
      LOW- Guilliman