Friday 19 June 2015

Forge World Friday: End of the Drought?

Now all you Forge World addicts that are out there must be feeling same way that I am which is where the hell is everything? 3 weeks of small / no releases has been tough on me. Vacantly staring into space, disappearing for days on end, feeding jam to ducks in the park. . . 

I for one am hoping that the Warlord Titan goes on sale today, as it is my birthday soon and have amassed enough  cash to get the Torso with hopefully various close family members (with Khall's steering) picking up a weapon or two. 

Hoping to see Roboute on sale today too and that HH Masterclass book finally. 

Will keep you all informed :)

Drake Seta


  1. That answers that! Gulliman it is! Still no Warlord :(

    1. I know! Was so excited too! Apparently they are stockpiling some before release but then it might become a cast to order model like the Manta due to it's size.