Sunday 5 July 2015

Forge World Open Day Pictures

Hey all

Just a quick one to start with - expect better quality pictures later as its really busy and people are damn rude!! Lol

Mechanicum Red Book

Mastadon Tank - this is HUGE!!

Lord Commander Eidolon!

Dark Angel Upgrade Kit

Blood Angel Upgrade Kit

Mor Deythan

Macrotek Enginseer

White Scars, Blood Angels and Dark Angels are all in the next book. They will have legion rules but no characters or legion specific units.

Book 6 will cover shattered legions and will focus on players creating own narratives for small scale engagements.

Future book will be Thramas and Signis Prime (mirroring the old Blood Angels/Dark Angels codex) 

Prospero may not even be book 7. They need to ensure that they can produce the entire range quickly and efficiently and not keep people waiting. To create all the models needed for Prospero would take about a year.

That's all for now :)



  1. So many good things for the next months... DA and BA look great, but Eidolon is really my greatest crush so far!

  2. Oh WOW. Eidolon looks AWESOME.

  3. Mm the Thramas campaign would be amazing. More night lords stuff is always welcome!

  4. Love the Mor Deythan helms. The right eyes look great.

  5. Red book, i'll be buying that asap. Macrotek Enginseer and servo-automata.. while i'm currently using 40k servitors a 40k enginseer and a 2nd ed 40k 'skullz' techpriest (when i take two adepts) i'm pretty sure i'll be getting those too before too long. Nice.

    Now we really need to know what 40k Skitarii/cult-mechanicus can be used in 30k and vice versa. We know ironstriders are out for 30k (sadly) and we know from white dwarf that ordo reductor still uses Thallaxii in 40k (Yay!). I'm hoping Forgeworld will give us an alternate top-half version of the Onager as i'm sure they could do something fantastic with it.

    It's a great time to be into Mechanicum/Mechanicus that's for sure!