Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Warlord Titan bath time!

I'm a bad man. . . I shouldn't be starting this yet. I get home thinking "yeah, let's get Perturabo done", only to find that my Old Gold has not arrived yet. 

Brain: Let's do Titan. 

Let's do Perturabo's base / face / gun. 

5 minutes later:

Baby bath is full and I am scrubbing away with medium toothbrush. 

The many components are dunked in pure hot water after to remove soap. 

Toothbrush for reference. 

Dried and back in box for next outing (trimming). 

Well I hopefully will get Perturabo done soon, as soon as the needed paint arrives. 

Drake Seta


  1. Sharing a warm soapy bath with the wrong person always leads to trouble... At least you got that chore out of the way now though

    1. Lol. Yes it does. Next to get the Techpriests out with the drills, pins, magnets, files, saws, coffee dispenser and JB Weld.

  2. I want some Titans but really can't be arsed with all the prep and assembly lol

  3. The same. FW will never have my money for anything bigger than a Fire Raptor, I know my own limits too well...^^

  4. Painting a storm eagle gave me arm ache, any lump of resin bigger than that could lead to a trip to A&E!