Saturday, 15 August 2015

Kaelo Rylanus; Invictarii Suzerains Update and Short Story

Hi all! 

So I have started work on my Invictarii Suzerains and I am making good progress. I will be aiming to complete these hopefully by the end of next Saturday as they have become a bit of a personal priority for me.

First I want to say that I am a bigger fan of these then I originally was. They are clunkier than I would have liked and not quite as noble looking (however I hope a nice paint job will compliment them). Secondly, I really don't like the pistol arms on these models. If the marine aims their pistol then they will be negating their shield in its entirety. Drake has been making excuses for it all day but I just can't get past it. So I am using breacher arms and will get some Phobos pattern holstered pistols to attach inside the shield. This may disappoint some of you but they are my toys and (to me) it makes more sense lol. Either the pistol or axe would be mag locked to shield or belt when the other is in use meaning the shield can be used at all times and not just in close combat. Shield, pistol and axe will still be present on each model.

I will be giving the squad 2 plasma pistols only as I don't want to spam them and make a cheesy unit. I will be spraying them tomorrow so tune in for another picture!

We have a new campaign starting soon and I have been asked to write a small piece of narrative to get the ball rolling. Here is a preview of it below. I hope you enjoy it:

Roboute Guilliman and his entourage, comprising of 4 company captains, strode through the dimly-lit corridors of the Winskrieg orbital station. The 5 warriors were all bedecked in their restored warplate following the completion of the recent campaign against the greenskins. Kaelo Rylanus, captain of the 9th company, found the decision to attend council in such attire odd. He frowned as he processed these thoughts.
'What troubles you my son?' Asked a calm and measured voice. Kaelo looked to his side and found his Lord-father had fallen in step beside him. He looked like a warrior king of legend and even after these many years of service he found it hard to speak to his Primarch. Knowing that Roboute Guilliman would see through a dismissal of his question, Kaelo decided he would use honesty.
'My Lord, we are meeting your brothers for council and, although not important, I cannot work out why we are dressed for war,' Guilliman eyed his son.
'Do you question my orders Kaelo?' His tone was cold and devoid of emotion.
'No! My Lord, I -' 
'Relax Kaelo, I am jesting with you,' Guilliman smiled and Kaelo let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Moments of silence passed and the captain started to believe the conversation had ended. Kaelo glanced behind him at Idaeus, Captain of the 43rd company, who shrugged and smiled.
'Not all of my brothers were created the same or with the same roles in mind,' the casual tone of Guilliman's confidence shocked Kaelo and as he turned back, he found himself silently imploring his father to continue. 
'Nor do all of my brothers fully understand the intricacies of building our fathers empire. We destroy and we build but we also preserve and give something for mankind to celebrate. Mortarion and Lorgar, I know well, but I can't say the same for Angron, other than what I have heard.' He took a breath before continuing and looked at his son.
'Mortarion is a philistine, caring nothing for art or any of the finer things we preserve and create for humanity. My brother is functional, performing the tasks laid out before him well. What I know of Angron is of the same vein, but he is harder to predict or control. What I wouldn't give to have Dorn, Ferrus or Sanguinius here in their stead.' Guilliman seemed to say this last part to himself. He smiled to himself before continuing.
'They are supreme warriors, adept at cleansing and destroying worlds. They are Lords of War. If I came to a meeting with such warriors dressed as a statesman or diplomat, would I garner their respect?' Kaelo thought on this.
'No my Lord, they would consider you weak'
'Exactly so my son. Such shows of peace and brotherhood can be shared with some of my brothers. But not these two.'
'What about Lord Lorgar?' Guilliman turned his gaze forward.
'Lorgar builds in his own way, but I am not sure he understands our fathers vision of a secular Galaxy'
At length the entourage came to the doors of the council chamber and the doors opened to let them inside.

Kaelo Rylanus


  1. Honestly i think it's great that you're doing some swapping of bits.. It's good to see some different combinations.. It's one of the great things about collecting such miniatures.
    The story sounds awesome. I'd love to play such a narrative campaign some day myself, if the chance ever surfaces.
    Excited for the completed paintjobs and the campaign. :)

  2. Very cool. Can't wait for the battles to start again now. :)

  3. Hmmm sounds funny when you say you are a bigger fan of these than before while you only highlight their defaults... :^P

    I understand what you say about the arms, making some conversions is a good idea as the shield/pistol can be disturbing. I don't think they are that clunky, but surely they are not as graceful as mkIV-armored Astartes. ^^
    I think the Suzerains actually look great as improved Breachers but need more stuff to really look like the regal heralds of the Primarch they are supposed to be. *cough* capes and crests *cough*...

    1. Did you notice I put you in my story brother? :)

    2. Sweet Emperor I didn't! Sorry if I sounded ungrateful, I was too tired last night so I prefered to wait before reading it. ^^' That's a great honour for me brother-captain, I swear I'll find a way to return the favor. ;^)

      This new campaign sounds mysterious... Four Primarchs and their legions? What an overkill, I feel bad for their poor adversaries, whatever they are! |:^)

  4. Loving the look of them, totally agree about the shield arm, totally needs a revamp but seems you've sorted it nicely. Be good to see how they look once completed