Saturday, 1 August 2015

Perturabo complete. Painting guide too.

Hello Everyone.

It's been a little while now since Perturabo has been released. He is the second Primarch for my  second Legion, and he has been a long time coming. So just thought I would show him off and let you know how I did him. 

Firstly he is a very flat Primarch painting angles wise. So I glued him completely together first and under coated him chaos black. 

Then I basecoated his armour with a mix of 50:50 Leadbelcher to Ironbreaker (or alternatively Iron Hand Silver as is the same colour). Then a highlight drybrush of Runefang steel was added from top down over all silver plate. This was then Purity Sealed. 

Then I blobbed on small spots (millimetre square) of Burnt umber oil paint (for those of you who have a fit and decide this is too complicated at this point STOP, it is easier more forgiving and more manipulative than any Games Workshop glaze or ink - please trust me and continue) over his armour. I then let it set in slightly and flooded the model with white spirits being careful not to touch the oil paint at this point with the brush, just let the liquid spread to it (put white spirits in 2 egg cups, one for clean and one for dirty). Then after that with a standard brush with white spirits you drag it downwards to create a streak. The less defined tide line there is the better. 
Add more and repeat / remove until you are happy. Just try to do within an hour. Then here and there add slight bits of the dirty egg cup oil white spirits straight into the gaps. 

After that I painted the pterges brass Scorpion and drybrushed up with Runelord Brass, then lightly inked with Druchi Violet, followed by a patchy wash of Agrax Earthshade. 

The chevrons were painted with Averland Yellow base (2 x thinned coats), then over painted with Yriel yellow. This was then glazed with Casandora Yellow. Then a thin layer of Flash Gitz yellow was applied To highlight the yellow line. A further thin ultra fine line of 2:1 Screaming skull and Flash Gitz was added to the top of the screws and yellow line. 

Then I painted the armour trims and belt with Vallejo liquid gold - Old Gold (love this paint). Shake it for about 4 minutes (or longer if an old pot), then either pour a small bit out and use immediately over a trim at a time or straight from the pot. This paint dries really quickly so ideally you would do one limb, then wipe the paintbrush and stir the small paint in the pallet you have set up or close and shake the pot again. If you fail to do this it gets clumpy. You can add pure alcohol I believe to the pallet to thin it too. 
When that is all painted you need to glaze the gold with Agrax Earth shade once then leave to dry. Then glaze again with Agrax only when fully dry!!! Then a light highlight from above with Runefang steel adds some more definition. 
I then painted the armour joint ribbing codex grey and applied 2+ glazes of Nuln oil to turn black. 

The guns were painted 50:50 Leadbelcher and Iron breaker and then zenithal'd with Runefang Steel. 
The trims were Brass Scorpion. The guns were then washed with Nuln oil. The barrels were drybrushed with chaos black. 

The face was painted with Cadian flesh tone then a light wash around the eyes of Druchi Violet and Casandora yellow was applied before a light wash of Seraphim sepia. Then the skin was layered up with lighter flesh colours. 

The base Knight was painted as per the House raven painting guide in White Dwarf. 

Very happy with him. Though I'm sure I will be tweaking bits here and there for weeks. Looking forward to getting transfers on the rest of the Legion and onto some boards for finished photos. 

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Drake Seta


  1. !!!!! Very nicely done and great WiP shots! Thank you!

  2. I can't take that much sexyness this early... Is romantic attraction to a painted resin miniature normal and, if so, is it legal to marry it?

    1. Lol. I give you my blessings :)
      Thanks Zyntax.


    3. Ah, but if you took that job they'd probably make you use all Citadel and Forge World paints.

    4. If you ask FW for their painting guides you'll see that they use paints like the Tamaya range, which is why they don't upload them on the site. As long as the painted models looks sharp they'd probably let you paint it with crayons if you'd like. ;)

  3. Good job Drake, you have done an impressive work! I love the flawless paintjob on the chevrons, perfect.

    Now I'm no longer that proud of my own Perturabo, may the Warp swallow you! :^P

  4. Great job! I prefer over the fw version. Thanks for SbS!!

    1. No problem chief. And thanks for the compliment.

  5. Do you take commissions? Lol. I am terrible at painting