Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Warlord Titan assembly. Part 1

Ladies, Gentlemen and Bunnies.

Here is the fruits of my labour after 7 hours of gluing and trimming. 

You can see more of it here http://titanownersclub.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1

An incredible kit. Totally awesome. 

The detail and ease of assembly should be commended. 

Legs and feet:
I wanted to go for a stepping forward look. You need to plan this carefully as too little a gap makes it look like the Titan is edging forward. Too far apart and its lunging!!

I decided to have the tip of the trailing foot (closest one in the picture) to be inline with the back of the main foot structure on the leading foot (far in picture). I manually walked with these and it seemed the perfect stepping distance as I pretended to walk it around the lounge floor. 
The Titan is heading left in the image above. 

Drawing an imaginable line to illustrate the gap between the two inside toe tips, I would say it is about 2-3 cm. the gap makes the model seem more dynamic (and manly :) 

After setting the left leg completely and up to the knee on the right leg, I dry aligned the thigh of the right leg and waist. To make it fit with the left leg completely. I then glued the knee in the right place then tweeked it until it brought the waist level. I then boosted the right knee with superglue to assist the fixing of the JB Weld still keeping and checking the waist is level. Then when the legs are set, using a flat surface I glued the waist and hips together and ensured they were level. 

Then I let the beautiful Engine dry for a day. 

Really enjoying this model now :) it has taken me 7 hours to get to this point.

Drake Seta. 


  1. Which parts will you magnetize? Did you reinforce the hip joint at all - or just glue? Looks awesome so far!

    1. Hi Tom. I will do some pinning and magnetising. Will show pics when I get to that stage and magnet links too. Including drillbit info and all. JB weld is the key at the moment.

  2. Man that looks awesome... But also a little naked. Get some armour on it quick!

  3. Is it heavy? It looks like a lot of weight for the knee joints to stand.

    It looks terrific. Do you thought about placing some models on top or hanging from it? (servitors, technicians, etc...)

    1. The knee joints do concern me. So far no pins but that will change soon.

      The smoking area out the back could be a good place for a tech priest to stand.

    2. I love the idea of smoking area on a titan I've got a vision of a couple of servitors trying to sneak a fag break hoping the magos doesn't notice

      Also how long did you spend walking it round the lounge I'm guessing it was quite a while and that there might have been sound effects lol


    3. It was 20 minutes including the stopping and checking from various angles. Sound effects were akin to the At-At in Empire Strikes Back.

  4. Wow....thanks for the photos. Loving them!