Thursday, 24 September 2015

12th Expeditionary Fleet

Hello Bunnies!

I hope that you are all well! Having a very busy week with work again working in London...what a ball-ache!

Anyway...Some of you may know that I am madly in love with Roboute Guilliman and his beautiful blue bastards, well I have decided that my Great Crusade Ultramarine project won't end with marines. I have been looking into the different auxiliaries that were present in the 12th Expeditionary Fleet in the aim of completing a galaxy dominating army. So let's start:

Ultramarines - Bit of an obviously one - we know they were part of the 'March to Ultramar and that Guilliman eventually took over command. What I am not sure about is; how would the logistics of this work? I don't imagine 250,000 marines would travel around together so was the 12th Fleet a sort of 'hub' in which orders and direction could be issued and then sub-fleets would embark and disembark from? That's kinda how I feel. I think that Guilliman would have kept a core of maybe 5 chapters with him at all times and the rest would have been dispersed on garrison, conquest and back-up campaigns. I am going to do around 7000pts based mainly around the 1st Chapter (Marius Gage, Remus Ventanus and Kaelo Rylanus) What do you think?

Imperial Army - no confirmed cohorts or organisation. If an Imperial Army range is created (and the 12th fleet not fleshed-out) I will make my own up...maybe with Orange armour O.O

Solar Auxillia - no confirmed cohorts or organisation. Same again really. Will use the groups Solar models and come up with some fluff 😊

Mechanicum - there were a good few Forge Worlds and Mechanicum cohorts in and around the 500 worlds but I am 95% certain that none have been confirmed as regularly touring with the boys in blue. Maybe the community knows more?

Knights - House Vornherr were attached and swore fealty to Guilliman, travelling with the 12th Fleet for most of the Great Crusade! I will be doing 5 Knights:
1 Paladin
1 Errant
1 Lancer
1 Castigator
1 Acheron
I already own 4/5 of these. Once I get the last one it will be game on!! Lol

Titan Legio's - 2 known Legio's to be attached for the duration of the Great Crusade were:
Legio Tempestus - I am going to do 3 engines for these:
I already have names and just need to get round to doing them. I am hoping to own and start them by the end of the year.

Legio Praesagius - these are actually my favourite Titan Legio - I love the fluff on the way they made war as heroes; never needlessly or recklessly endangering human life. Brilliant fluff.

I will probably do 1-3 engines for these too. Not sure which yet lol which would you suggest?

That's it really. All of my updates to the 12th Expeditionary Fleet project will be tagged thusly now for anyone interested to keep up to date :) 

I have planned out the next 8000pts of projects I am undertaking and they will be completed in the following order before I start going back and filling expeditionary fleets:
2000pts Ultramarines - well on the way with this (watch for the weekly update on Sunday).
2000pts Raven Guard - all owned, going to start trimming and preparing in the next week or so for when the UMs are finished - easy colour scheme, shouldn't take long (famous last words lol)
2000pts Salamanders - all owned. Will start these after the RG are nearing completion.
2000pts Luna Wolves - fully assembled and undercoated, these are not far away from being table ready. I just have more love for other projects currently lol.

Later down the road will be additions to all of the above legions, White Scars and Imperial Fists. Maybe some more Titans too...we are going to do a MASSIVE Mars campaign one day...

Hope you have enjoyed reading my hobby update. Please feel free to fill in any fluff blanks I have missed (I was talking with Andy Hoare this week and he says the IX captain has not been mentioned before and that I could do what I wish!! Very awesome!)



  1. Love the vision :) always got to look to the future as well as sorting what you have currently :) cant wait to see the final product, including thise gorgeous titans :)

  2. Nice ambition, I'm aiming to do my reaver (part built) and warlord (boxed in the loft) in legio tempest us colours. The beauty of this is the can be loyalist or traitor with magnetised banner, they also still exist in 40k too......

    1. They certainly do exist in both...I thought they changed colour slightly though? I may be wrong lol...

    2. They exist both in both^^

      Traitors changed their name to Legio Tempestor (and oc would be chaos or daemon titans in 40k), Loyalists are still called Legio Tempestus

  3. Great idea, looking to see your work develop on this.
    Was konor (?) not a 'nearly' forge world? Pretty sure I was reading about it recently and its title as forge world was knocked back several time ms by Horus before it achieved that status after the HH. Those tech guys may have been supporting the boys in blue

    1. Cheers Dave, I will have a read into it. If you find anything concrete can you let me know?

    2. Start with HH book 5 or know no fear I'm sure I read it in one or both of those two recently

    3. Tempest mentions it afaik, and i think the Taghmata described in it also came from Konor? (not sure on that yet^^)

    4. They do, but do they hang out on Konor or do they mope around with the 12th fleet? I'm pretty sure it doesn't say :(

  4. You could do your Mechanicum stuff as support units for your Titans? Using their iconography and paint scheme to make a big (or two smaller :o?) Tempestus/Praesagius force(s) :)

    1. Ello m'lady lol.

      This is a really good idea as Legio Praesagius were actually bonded to Tempestus (says so in Tempest) so I could do some blue bots and use for both...tidy idea!

  5. Book V page 118

    The True Messengers instead relied on the
    support of the Excertus Imperialis and allied
    Mechanicum cohorts to engage such foes,
    and were amongst the most skilled of the
    Titan Legions in the close support of infantry
    actions. Many regiments of the Imperial
    Army tell of the pinpoint accuracy of the
    True Messengers' cannon and the stalwart
    devotion of their princeps to the lowly
    infantry who fought beside them.

    You have the solution for the mechanicum.

    It is what I do.

    1. Thanks for that. I had read these bits, what I am really looking for is regiments names, colour schemes etc. If there are none existing then I will make my own up as every fleet would have had some sort of mech, SA and IA regiments. The hard part is finding which ones went with with fleet lol.

  6. Hey bro. I know in the novel Legion, that there was a dwarf who was high up in the Ultramar military hierarchy. It was said that even the Emperor had spent time with him on a few occasions / knew him. There was a brief knowledge blurt regarding their military force too.

    Lots of info on the army forces in know no fear too on the muster grounds, but you could easily create a Solar Auxilia detachment for them. Pretty sure there are many mentioned in Conquest. The Solar Auxilia style force accounted for around 30% of the Imperial army if I recall correctly. Otherwise the Cadian models are fair game too.

    Also there were Storm troopers on Calth, you could have a small force of them Boy Scouts.

    All sounding cool though. You still need 60+ Tactical Legionnaires to do any big battle justice :) Horde Legion for the win!

    1. Haha! You and your horde legion ideas...we never have battlefields big enough or time to complete theme...#justsaying (you are the first person I have ever hashtag he'd at!)

      I will revisit both of those books again - cheers for the info :)

  7. In the fluff, the titans of the true messengers are :
    Evocatus- a warlord titan
    Victorix, deathrunner and Firewolf- Warhound titans with twin Boltguns
    Inculcator- A reaver class titan

    1. Personally, I would do a reaver, flanked by 2 warhounds