Saturday, 5 September 2015

Titan Owners Club - Global Battlefield

Hello All
Titan Owners Club has seen some serious action over the past few weeks. Here is the current state of the Global Battlefield (France, Amsterdam and Singapore getting created soon).
UK news:
Legio Astraman have landed with a very substantial Titan force in Staffordshire. Engines with Ursus claws and underslung Apocalypse Missile launchers have been spotted around Coppenhall, Seighford and Hopton. They appear to have set up a defensive cordon around Stafford.
Legio Metalica have approached Old Strafford football Stadium and are patrolling the city proper now. Greater Manchester is now under the protection of the Loyalists for now.
Legio Praetor in their purple livery have secured Worcestershire. A large Warlord called Lacrimis Funera has secured the region and is carrying out unceasing patrols along the A440.
USA News:
Another Loyalist force has arrived to secure the States for the Emperor. Legio Ignatum have taken Wisconsin and have been disturbing traffic on Route 90.
The Traitors must be looking for a foothold soon.
Australia News:
The battle lines have changed. Legio Audax wait in preparation for conflict as Legio Praesagius come to the help of the besieged Country.
More Engines are in bound.
 Wisconsin has been secured.
Greater Manchester, Worcestershire and Staffordshire too.
Let the world burn.
Join the battle here. Titan Owners Club.


  1. Glad to see my beloved Tigers Eyes represented en masse!

    1. A beautiful Legio. Was going to do them myself once upon a time. Went for Mortis because I have Iron Warriors.