Friday, 16 October 2015

Forge World release 16/10

So another Friday comes around and another set of releases from Forge World to tell you all about. And today we have a treat for all of the Knight fans out there. So here we go:

10/10 perfect. 

A new Cerastus Knight variant has been released. This one, designated Atrapos, is the newest release and looks really good. An apparent rare form of Knight designed to take out heavy machinery and vehicles. This Knight comes with a deadly graviton cannon and its own Atrapos lascutter. Here are a few pics to show off this new release:

Also released today is a new standing Knight scion in contrast to the seated scion brought out recently. Not too sure about the flowing hair but a nice addition nonetheless. Here is an image to show this off:

Showing on Forge World additionally is an offer in regards to Knights; if you were to buy a Knight of any variant you will be able to buy a scion completely free up to the 12th of November.

A nice addition to the Knight listings this week, hopefully these will be able to be picked up tomorrow at the Warhammer World event tomorrow. If not, the Knight is available to be shipped from 23rd October.

What do you guys think of this week's releases? What would you like to see come next? Let us know in the comments below.

Nice rules too!

Darko Thane


  1. mastodon, ordinatus, and mor deythan ... add some new transfer sheer and is all completed before tomorrow's event

  2. Pretty awesome^^ he will be a gift from Mezoa for my Knights ^.^

    The standing Scion is cool too - i guess i'll use him as commander of my Solar Auxilia/House Guard :>

  3. That's my next FW order right there, especially with the free Scion. It's perfect for my Mechanicum/Mechanicus 30k/40k crossover force I'm working on atm.
    Might just have to order one at the 40k event on Sunday at WW (my first time there, rather excited), can't wait to see what else they show off :)

  4. Really love the look of this knight and it's paint job! I think my Iron Hands are definitely going to have to have an attached mechanicum knight house

    1. "Paint scheme is by Mark Bedford, and they're in the process of trying to get him to put it to paper. It is new."

  5. It is simply gorgeous. If I must get a Knight one day, this beast is on the top of the list! Its head looks like an Culexus's helmet, I love it.

  6. Knight looks fantastic.

    Still no preview of what's available tomorrow though...

    That's what I'm really looking forward to. Hopefully get a glimpse of some amazing new toys.

  7. It's a beast - I was planning on a Lancer next but now...

    I'm sure we'll get a good look at it in person tomorrow anyway, I'd love to see WIPs for Ursarax and Domitar as well!

  8. Really want to see a knight house with dedicated ties to the Salamanders. I'm surprised we haven't read of one yet considering their ties with the mechanicum.

  9. The paint scheme is a bit different, but looks good. What would I like to see next? I thought someone here mentioned that Spartan's were being redesigned with the tracks already cast on. That's what I would like. Or did I completely imagine this...

  10. I just recently purchased $1200's of Mechanicum including a lancer knight... then a week later FW previewed this beauty... AND NOW THEY RELEASE IT!!! I am both disappointed and elated... but its just another purchase I have to make, I AM in it for the long haul. More excited that it looks AMAZING. Though I thought that the Ordinatus Destructor would have been released before this knight, but it is a simpler conversion than the totally new Destructor. Hope it comes out soon