Saturday, 21 November 2015

A Look at 2016

Hey Bunnies!

I have been exceptionally quiet again of late and once more I must apologise. I have been working nights and it has really messed me up lol. The blog has undergone a huge period of transition which has seen a massive increase of members and exceptionally high quality content. I wanted to take this quick opportunity to once again thank and welcome the authors who I believe are the pinnacle of the community. We are very blessed to have you all here and it has been a pleasure to meet you all.

The year is almost over and it really has been a mixed bag. We have seen some awesome releases in Guilliman and Perturabo, the Warlord Titan and the whole Solar Auxillia range to name but a few. But still, 2 Primarch's in a year?? What gives! Lol. Where are Dorn, Alpharius and Corax? Surely they can't be far away. Next year promises to be great with Prospero finally seeing the light of day and maybe the plastic Heresy range will grow. Hopefully the 'Beast Rises' will introduce updated and 30k related ranges for Eldar and Orks. As always its exciting times. 

It doesn't stop at Games Workshop though. With our exceptionally talented line up of authors we envisage 2016 to be the best year for the Battle Bunnies so far. It will mark our 5th birthday (watch out for a White Scar themed party) and we have some awesome plans. We are all meeting up on 05/12/2015 to discuss the structure of the new year and see what projects we think will be cool and what we want to deliver to you all. We will also be having a 5 vs 5 battle with the Bunnies (next year Atia yeah? Lol) and some Forge World staff at Warhammer World which we hope to show here! I will be rushing to complete some Salamanders for the event as we have another Ultramarine player for the day!! It is going to be fantastic!

So what I really want to know guys and gals is; what do you want to see from us next year? What projects would you like to see? It can be anything Great Crusade or Heresy related. All suggestions will be discussed in December so we can plan the year ahead.

Also, we have had quite a few requests from people for us to provide a way for them to donate towards projects or just buy us a beer (Pepsi for Lil Bunny lol) and we think its quite a nice idea. I will be putting a 'Buy Us a Bugmans' button for anyone who wants to, in the next few weeks. Thank you to everyone for your continued support. We are so humbled to reach 2000-20,000 readers every day. You really motivate us. 



  1. Thank you all for all your updates with news, projects your working on, and hobby info.

    I am also looking forward to 2016 with Alpharius and Prospero next year (hopefully), it looks like it's going to a good year.

  2. It really helps our group that we all feed off of each other's passion and interest in 30k. 2016 is going to be amazing.

  3. I am really looking forward to 2016, it will be a great year for the blog! December 5th is going to be great fun, I'm excited to get the Sons of Horus on the field of battle and slice me up some loyalists!!

  4. I'm looking forward to 2016 being the year of the alien :-)

    1. Oooooooh yes. I can't wait to discuss this on the 5th

  5. Can't wait for 2016. Sounds super cool. Can't wait for pictures.

  6. As a new reader of your blog I wanted to thank you for all the great posts. Your project updates are one of the reasons, why I am now starting a Horus Heresy force using the BaC set (World Eaters during the Shadow crusade).

    2016 should be a great year for the heresy; as a fan of Dark Angels and White Scars I am really thrilled for the next Horus Heresy book. I am not so sure if we can expect a Prospero book next year, though I hope that we can at least get upgrade kits/Contemptor dreadnoughts for the last legions.

    One question to you guys: with the next book, there should be the possibility of fielding a Knight Errant in the army. Have you already plans about recreating one of the characters in the books or creating your own Knight Errant?

    1. Hi Tandrael and welcome.
      Book 6 will give us Garro, Rubios and a blank canvas Knight Errant. So yeah we can design our own Knight Errant which is excellent. Currently though as we are only Focusing on the Great Crusade they aren't about yet so Garro will be making it onto my table as Captain of the 7th Great Company of the Death Guard. But I can't wait til Heresy.
      The other thing we will be discussing soon is our Characters. I like the idea of taking 6 created Characters from each Persons' Legion Forces. Have some which can't die and are destined for things in the Heresy (such as becoming Black Shield or Knight Errant), and the others which can be killed in the Conquest Campaign system. But we need to be having a discussion regarding that soon.

    2. Thanks, that sounds quite interesting. Another thing to look forward to :)

  7. I'd like to be able to send in photos and ideas to your site without using facebook: is there an email address I can send images to for the Legions on Parade feature?

  8. Hardly worth apologising for anything. Updates have been coming in so regularly of late it is hard to keep up at times. Congratulations on a very successful year, it has been good to see all your progress and an inspiration at times to keep going. Perhaps next year I shall send in a few pictures.

  9. First up, why apologies, free time is only free if your not busy mate. The other bunnies hold the fort well. Also, I have a couple of ideas for your blog.

    Use pages for galleries and about authors.
    More tutorials, you guys are excellent painters and modellers.
    You need a logo and t-shirts.
    Maybe do an armies on parade thing on the blog? Taking your favorite submission and posting here.

    1. Hi Col.
      Yep. On the The 5th of December the group is mustering at Warhammer World to discuss the Blog and try to add some goals and Direction to it.
      One thing I want to do is create a 'Contributors' page which lists the Contributors to the blog and links to a page which showcases all of their finished models, lists, painting guides etc.
      I had not thought of a dedicated painting guide page which would link to unit specific tutorials. Could be worth doing :)
      Lol. We had a Logo (I still sport it as my Avatar), but that was back in the day (post 1) when we were just a small blog. Since then I have retired it a bit to go with the Horus Heresy Aesthetic. I might consider trying an alternative / reimagining of it if I get time.
      T-Shirts / Polo Shirts etc we are still really on the fence about. It either works well or you just come across as having delusions of Grandeur. I think that unless it is a unanimous decision we may eschew them (though my Brother has had a great alternative idea regarding T-Shirts, but once again it is time intensive).

      We do do a Legion on Parade already. Tap view in Web mode at bottom, go to the left hand side to see Legions on Parade. Or to see what has already been put up go to the tag further down saying Legions on Parade to see em all.

      Drop us an email in the new year if you fancy meeting up for a Beer and chat. Be good to meet u.