Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Bone Garland progress. Void Shields and more.

Hi all. 

I have put taken my Warlord Bone Garland on a little further recently. Still a way to go but thoroughly enjoying him. 

So I have STARTED layering up the red with a paintbrush on the vent guards. They have had 2 thinned coats of Gal Vorbak red but still have a way to go. Also as you can see Bone Garland now has some protection in the form of void shields. 

The Void shields were basecoated with Warplock Bronze, then heavily drybrushed with Runelord Brass. 

These were then washed with Klear, Warplock Bronze and a touch of water to draw it into the gaps. I then highlighted with Runelord Brass again. 

I have added the defensive Lascannons to the rear of Bone Garland. These were done with Runelord Brass (washed with the same Warplock mix as above) for the ribbing. Leadbelcher with a drybrushed zenithal highlight of 50:50 Runefang steel and Iron Breaker. A slight wash of Nuln oil was added around the steel detail. 

The Mauler Bolt cannons are also WIP with just the Runelord Brass and Leadbelcher. These will be washed soon. 

That is what I have been working on. Not sure what colour to do the ribbed piping. Any advice would be appreciated. 

Apart from that, I will be plodding on with the Mars-Beta head and transfers too. Then comes the highlighting and weathering. 

Drake Seta


  1. Coming together nicely.
    I'd leave the cables metal. They look armoured to me.

  2. I've always done my Titan cables black with a dry brush of leadbelcher and a wash of nuln oil - so they look like well creased/weathered metal

  3. He is looking really good! I think either of the above suggestions will work well!

  4. Great work, he's really coming on!