Wednesday 11 November 2015

Legion in a day challenge - outline of project

Hi all. 

As with many of the 30k and Horus Heresy fans out there, the 14th is a very exciting day. The Betrayal at Calth boxset is finally out.  

So with that, a few weeks ago; some of the group decided that we should really try to take it for a spin with a day of painting. The idea expanded to; let's all muck in and get it done in a day. We will then aim to get another Legion painted shortly in the future, then another, so that we all get equal treatment. 

First up: Castiel's Dark Angels. 

Praetor in Terminator armour: Cataphractii armour; combi-weapon; chainfist; digital lasers; grenade harness
Delegatus: artificer armour; plasma pistol; power weapon; melta bombs; refractor field 130 (Chaplain model). 

9 Tactical Space Marines: chainswords; legion vexilla; + 1 Tactical Sergeant (artificer armour; power weapon; melta bombs) 205
19 Tactical Space Marines: nuncio-vox; legion vexilla; + 1 Tactical Sergeant (artificer armour; power fist; melta bombs) 300
9 Tactical Space Marines: nuncio-vox; legion vexilla; + 1 Tactical Sergeant (combi-weapon; melta bombs) 185
4 Tactical Support Marines: volkite chargers; + 1 Tactical Support Sergeant (artificer armour; melta bombs) 140
4 Tactical Support Marines: plasma guns; + 1 Tactical Support Sergeant (artificer armour; melta bombs) 190

4 Terminators: Cataphractii armour; 3× combi-bolter; 4× power fist; heavy flamer; + 1 Terminator Sergeant (combi-weapon; power fist; grenade harness) 227
Contemptor Dreadnought Talon
Contemptor Dreadnought: Kheres pattern assault cannon; dreadnought close combat weapon (heavy flamer); extra armour 210

This is what we are aiming to achieve, we have added 20 additional Legionnaires to the pot in other armour plates to show the Legion's age. So if you are interested on following our progress, come and have a look on Saturday to see our progress throughout the day.

Drake Seta


  1. Sounds fun.
    I think I might try that. Build one day then paint the next.

  2. Then i'll share this quick and easy technique with you to get great results fast:
    And wish you best of luck :)
    Tell no one of this dark secret, brothers - circles within circles -_-

    1. Very nice. But it is a wolfman. . . I see the technique you are using though and yeah that is the technique we have decided to use too. Cheers.

  3. Why go with the iron halo in the preator? Cataphractii already have a 4+ invulnerable save.
    Is it to suck up points?

  4. So built and painted in a day? How will you undercoat?

    1. GW black primer is dry within 15 minutes, that shouldn't be an issue

    2. True. We do have a heat gun too which we use from a distance to ensure all is to schedule.

    3. I hope you have somewhere dry to spray though, the weather is turning on Saturday...

  5. Sounds like a challenge but if there's enough of you and you get a good conveyor belt going you should do this easy!
    Personally I'd get too hung up on the detailed painting and it'd take me longer :-(

    1. Hi Dave. That's the good thing. There will be 4-5 of us throughout the day. We hope to have all assembled and undercoated within 5 hours, the following 6 hours will see airbrushing, armour trims, bolter metal etc done by a different painter. One person who likes sponge chipping will do that, another who likes eyes will do another, then a huge base train!!

  6. This is going to be awesome!! Looking forward to seeing the updates on Saturday! Sorry I can be there to assist, would be a lot of fun!

  7. Atia and Hastings have confirmed specailst games are coming back.