Friday, 27 November 2015

New Releases: 27/11/2015: Legion of One. Garro arrives.

Hi all

Here is one of the Heresy's most Iconic characters made flesh! A character I love so much that my son shares his name. Nathaniel Garro. 

Now we were the first to show this character off at the FW Seminar at the 40K open day, and it is great to see him out so soon. I can envisage this chap coming with a high demand stamp shortly. 

So here you can see his Bolt Pistol, Scabbard and modified armour to accept his "Pig Iron" Bionic leg. 

The detail and sculpt is a great success in my opinion. 

Libertas looks fantastic too. 

Not an AP2 Paragon blade that I was expecting, but the edge of truth rule at first glance means each wound it causes is two, but actually it is still one but counts as two for leadership tests and combat resolution. 

The Paragon Bolter is great. In Flight of the Eisenstein he did have a Gold emblazoned Bolter which he lost in his battle against the Warsinger. 

The Aquila Imperator makes it so the safest place for him to be is in close combat!

Not the feel no pain I was expecting but pretty good!

A pretty good Alpha strike, but without a solid bodyguard it could be a bit of an unused rule in bigger games. 

The Oath of moment is a real gamble but a great fluffy one. I can imagine Protector and Hand of the Sigilite being used the most. 

Now you should be able to get this model from the 4th. I for one will be picking one up on the 5th from Warhammer World and turning him into a Death Guard Legion Captain for the VII Company for our Great Crusade campaigns. He is now my priority over all others projects. 

Drake Seta


  1. Definitely a must have for me, just as a figure to paint rather than for gaming. It's absolutely shunning...

  2. It's a great model, might have to get one. Although it would make it the most expensive single non-primarch model. The base is a bit off, or maybe the paint job just does not do it any justice.

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  4. I would have preferred a DG version. But he does look good.

    1. They toyed with options for both apparently, then decided against it.

  5. I mean, he can be used in any Loyalist army right? Surely there could be a good reason why he's hanging out with an Arch-Magos from Ryza. Must... Resist... Still people to... holiday... shop for...

  6. Man he looks good. Not sure how I'll tie him in with my wolves but I'm sure I'll find a way!

  7. Question for the community at large: what can a legion veteran squad be armed with? Mix of close combat and range?
    Also what would an underworld war veteran team look like to you guys? I'm open to suggestions especially from ultramarines players.

    1. The cover art from Mark of Calth gets what the veterans would look like spot on:

    2. Ah thanks.
      What can they be armed with weapons wise.