Sunday, 15 November 2015

Sons of Nostramo #4

A small update today in way of painting progress. I've spent the last couple of days putting some paint on to the Praevian consul and a little more work towards the infantry blob I've already started. I'm using the same techniques on the consul as I have on the infantry.

Firstly I'm priming in Halfords grey primer (ensure you shake it and try spraying on a bit of cardboard as sometimes it can go grainy and wreck out detail). I then did a liberal brush coat of the P3 Exile Blue, avoiding the head, shoulder guard trim and some of the details.

Once dry I did a heavy wash with GW Drakenhof Nightshade.

You can see how much depth the wash adds to the detail which will make the over painting in Kantor Blue a lot easier to do.

Next step with these guys is to do the metal work, for the infantry it'll be Leadbelcher, washed with Agrax Earthshade and then highlighted with Necron Compound but for the consul I'm not sure whether to go gold for the metal trims or not (please post your recommendations below).

Next time I'm hoping to be a bit further along with painting - perhaps even a different unit to show you too.

Stay frosty


  1. I think you should do the trim in silver on both, better continuity across the legion. Having said that it would be good to have something a little 'fancier' on the consul, not sure what though!

  2. I agree with Darien, the Silver will be more consistent across the force. Maybe a brighter silver to show rank?

  3. Sorry to disagree but I think you should go gold to make him stand out more. HH forces are generally bigger in terms of numbers of miniatures so having that extra detail to help him stand out would look good on the table top

  4. He is looking good. Not sure of an alternative colour, so would have to say silver.
    Are the Bots going to be Legion colours?

    1. The boys will be black for Graia so should blend in well although I may do some subtle legion markings on them, but nothing too over the top so they'll tie in with any other mechanicum units I add later on.