Sunday, 29 November 2015

Sons of Nostramo #6 - out of the eye of terror

Good morning Bunnies.

King Fluff here with another progress update on the Night Lords - however it is more like a 'lack of progress' report this week. I've been suffering from conjunctivitis for the last week, and at posting it's still going strong, so this week I've had to focus on working on things which didn't require a lot of vision. I'm hoping with medication it will start to clear up, my biggest concern at this point is not being able to get everything done for the Bunnies Xmas Bash at Warhammer World on Saturday.

Well what I have managed this week is to set up my gaming table in the new gaming room, I've got a 6x4 Forge World city table and a 6x4 Zone Mortalis board (which once completed will sit together on the table top to create the right height to game at and to aid with storage).

I've also been working on my rebasing on to the new 32mm bases, I'm using scenic bases universally with my legion forces and my Night Lords are based on a muddy battlefield type scheme. I've drilled into the resin bases in order to add more barbed wire and make the bases a little more 3D.

They've had the first coat of Rhinox Hide and now need to be washed with Agrax Earthshade and then dry brushed with a 1:1 of Karak Stone and Rhinox Hide, then simply pick out the details and once the models are added apply the mud (water effects and Rhinox Hide mixed together) .

I've also been working on some of the legion support vehicles - namely a dreadclaw drop pod. This is an old model and needed some modification in order for it to be suitable for serving the legion. I've trimmed off all the chaos icons etc and the screaming faces from inside the main ring on the hull. I've also dremelled out a locator for the new flying stands. Once completed I glued it together and primed it with Halford's grey primer.

Now I was all set to use these in my forces (I love the aesthetic of them and the brutal lines) but I'm now a little unsure, the model being so old really doesn't go together over well, there are some serious gaps and the legs feel flimsy (which would make me twitchy taking multiples of them to any kind of game).

The question I need to ask myself now is do I press forward and fill the gaps and put paint on it or do I go for the modern dreadclaws which are more suitable as they are designed better but then loose the aesthetic I was after.

What do you guys think?
Old is gold or phew for the new?

Answers on a postcard (or just save the postage and drop me a comment)

I'm off now to further combat Nurgle's rot in my eye.

Keep 'em peeled.



  1. Good luck fighting nurgle. He's a tough one.
    I think the dreadclaw looks good, but if it's flimsy I wouldn't want multiples. Seeing ad you are part of a mostly all forge world group, and therefore should have some form of extra currency available I would go for all new stuff.
    Looks cooler and if you ever want to make it look chaosy for whatever reason the you can always add to it.

  2. You could keep the old one and get new ones, there were multiple variants available during the crusade I'm sure.
    I guess I'm just reluctant to ditch something for the sake of ditching it. It looks cool

  3. Holley Molley bat man, that one fine games room!!

    Not only that, but you have a fine bunch of models to fill it... A bitter man may call the eye infection karma.....

    Anvilus all the way. They just look hot! They also match the Karhybdis better, just my tupence worth.

    1. My plan was to go the extra mile and make a giant sized pod(Same size as the Kharybdis) but if I can't get the little one to work then it kind of seems pointless :-( and thanks but I'm sure it's not Kama ;-) (might be nappy finger though)

  4. That Dreadclaw looks fantastic Fluff! Can't wait to see more of it. Was a sad day when it disappeared off of the FW store.