Monday 23 November 2015

Thinking Outside the Box

So for my return post I decided to do something a little different. 
When we talk about 'thinking outside of the box' as gamers a lot of the time this relates to either tactics or army lists. 
Today I'm looking at the modelling side of this phrase. 
So rather than just being 'outside of the box' sub in for box, clam shell, or packet. 

What is Tylar rattling on about....simply put conversions, re-poses, and kit bashing. 
Today I decided to get over my Warp Fatigue by taking the new plastic Contemptor and showing you all what can be done. 
I have heard so many people moaning about the plastic Contemptor. 
It's not posable, why isn't it a kit....wah wah wah....
I'm pretty sick of it to be fair. 
3 years ago most would have fallen over themselves for a plastic Contemptor. 
Now we have one, it's not good enough.  
I beg to differ..
And I'm going to show you why. 

Now in fairness I have been doing this for the best part of 27 years and I've had plenty of failures along the way. Confidence in your own abilities and the will to take your modelling up a notch maybe the difference in an OK model and one that people go, 'Wow how did he do that?'

Here I'll show you a step by of how I re-posed, added to, and 'converted' my plastic Contemptor by 'Thinking Outside of The Box'. 
Rather than a full commentary I'll post up the pics and if you have any questions feel free to comment below.

So he we go...

The first cut is the deepest....
The kit broken down and the tools I used. 

Kheres cut ready for repose. 

The multi-melta in the same phase. Now at this point I decided to go with this as the main weapon. 

Built ready for repose. 

Legs cut away from the main body. 

From above. 

Body prepped. Now at this point I must say fit and glue to two side parts first this makes the body sturdy and allows the front to fit easier. 

 Now at this point you can stop. You're all good. However if you're like me that's just not enough. So.....

Before I glued the front with his head!

You'll need to carve out the back of the head section to allow some rotation. 

Normally I would have spent the extra time with some green stuff but I wanted to prove anyone can do this so I glued in a piece of sprue I cut off. This will help hide the extra gap when the main body piece is on. 

Like so. 

To secure the torso and legs I used a small piece of plastic tubing. 

This helped secure the torso and allowed the right rotation for the pose I was after. 

Starting to look good :)

The bits that make it stand out from the rest. Admittedly not everyone will have access to these kinds of extra parts. But what you can't necessarily achieve with these you can make up for with transfers or painting skills. 

The parts I chose are from a variety of places. I have a push mold green stuff unification eagle, a flattened banner from the Imperial Fist Templar brethren, this tie with the story of he Contemptor being a former member of the brethren, and some parts from the Black Templars plastic upgrade kit. I also have used etched brass and one of the Cataphractii shields. 

Assembled at the end. The arms are just pinned for now ready for paint. 

And finally two shots with banner. 

Now as I said I've had some practice over the years. But I did all this today in 6 hours. 
If you have an hour or two free a night think what you can do with your plastic Contemptor. 
Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions below. 

- Tylar.

Edit/Adition - One thing I forgot to say is have an idea and if you can, have a story. That way it will add to the dynamic of your miniature. Like this Contemptor he represents a previous member of the Templar Brethren. The next will be a previous member of the Phallanx Wardens and an assault Veteran.
It will aid you when thinking of parts to add or symbols to incorporate. 

- Tylar.  


  1. Great work - it also shows how easy you can make your boring looking Contemptors/Deredeos/Leviathans better!

  2. Looks really good. It was good to see what the different parts look after cutting, as I want to repose mine (or at least taking the weapons of) and I wasn't sure how it was going turn out.


  3. THIS was the post I was looking for! Awesome job!

  4. Amazing; however I agree - even the simple fact we have a plastic contemptor is amazing!! Just need to get mine soon!!

  5. Hey Tylar. That is very impressive in such short time! Well done. Really impressed with the head repose, thought we would have been stuck with that "back o head against a fake black" look.
    What can be done with the weapon in Palm? I believe it is a Combi-Bolter?

    1. It is a combi-bolter. It could easily be removed and replaced. Bearing in mind there are 3 meltagun add ons for combi weapons in there any one of those could be used to change up the fist weapon system.
      If people want I'm very happy to do a follow up post on this for my other plastic Contemptor doing exactly that.

    2. Yes please. This was great. Mostly glued mine together apart from the big sub assembly's. Arms, body. I'm going to cut the arms like you did I think.

    3. I've replace the bolter with a flamer. It's dead easy.

    4. Not a problem Simon. Which weapon are you looking at?
      I plan to magnetise the next powerfist.
      And I will be magnetising the arms on this one.
      I plan to switch the arms so that I can field a Mortis Contemptor with twin Kheres or a double CCW version.

    5. Which ever gun you feel like. It should be easy to use the info for my own devices.

    6. Why not magnetise the fist weapon to?

  6. Really nice little repose, was going to see what others had done before I started mine. Now I don't need to look any further. Thanks guys.

  7. I'm so glad you posted this. I've been in the hobby a similar length of time and I find people just don't realise how easy plastic is to work with. A sharp knife and some plastic glue and the possibilities are almost endless.
    Imagine trying to do this with a metal contemptor back in 1991 (if such a thing had been released)!
    Anyway, thanks for posting this, was looking for some ideas for reposing my own, and the bit I was unsure of was the head but you've shown that can be done quite easily

  8. Nice job, Ive posed two already which are on my blog and B&C thread. They are easy to repose. You can just cut one hip joint once to get a really good stance.

  9. Thanks for all your comments guys. I'll be doing a lot more of these moving forward as its my area of expertise. This was a nice warm up for people to have a look at.

    Some times you don't realise how easy something is until someone else does it and goes...There you are easy isn't it? lol.

  10. “They did not know it was impossible so they did it"

    Mark Twain