Sunday, 1 November 2015

Weekly Progress Report 01/11

So into a new month but the progress reports keep on coming!! No messing around this week as we have lots to get through so here we go:

Kaelo has started working on Kaelo! His avatar for the 30th millennium! He will be doing some more pictures as he works through the model but here is a picture of the first layers of blue and gold.

Drake Seta has been working on a character on a whim. It got to a point where he needed a break from Bone Garland and decided to treat himself with a 28mm model. A full post will appear in the next few weeks.

Aveinus is still making progress with his immortals! Six are now finished and the next four are on their way to completion. A few vehicles will be on his painting table next after completing this squad. He will also be making his decision on which clan his company will be apart of so he can then start applying transfers!

I (Darko) have been working away this week so have been doing what I can in regards to my Palatine Blade squad. I have got to the point where I am adding the gold and metals to the relevant pieces after applying the (now) right colours to the shoulder pads and looking really nice now. I am unfortunately working away again but will look to do what I can to get these done this week.

King Fluff has been busy painting up Night Lords infantry and the addition of a Praetor, Cpt Ophion. Next up will be paint in on Ophion and some build/paint on a 5 man terror squad.

That concludes the progress report of our users with viable progress to show. Do you like what you see? Let us know in the comments below.

Also look out this week for our final new recruit for the bunnies!!! A post will be up soon so check that out when it appears. Won't spoil the surprise so keep your eyes peeled!!!

Darko Thane


  1. Can't wait to see more

    Especially if and when you all respectively get the betrayal at calth

    1. Hi Simon. We have something planned for that. Something that I have wanted to do for a long time. More shall be revealed on the 14th / 15th.

    2. Now I am super excited. Your work is amazing!!
      On a side note how many points would you say is in the new box set? If you combine the two forces into one?

    3. Just wrote out a big message and it failed. . .
      Cheers Simon. Check our links on the left hand side in desktop view to go through history and find painting guides if you wish. :)

      It equates to around 1000 pts (no use of the special or heavy weapons in list as have made list from the FW red book).
      Add 2 more mkIV 10 man sets when they come out and you can make a 4x5 man Flamer, missile launcher, Melta gun and Heavy Bolter squads. That will be circa 1600. Add a Primarch and you have 2k list. Bobs your uncle. :)

    4. What Legion you thinking Simon?

    5. Was thinking ultramarines Ala unremembered empire. So some other legionnaires mixed into certain squads.
      I was hoping to have a flamer support squad, a plasma support squad, lascanon team and a _____ team. What would you suggest for the fourth team? You guys are my go to for Horus heresy suggestions.

    6. I was thinking of doing a forge world order the Xmas: breacher marines to finish my team( they are the conversion set but I think if I kit bash them with the heresy one it'll look OK), the primarch himself the boy in blue, and if I can scrape the funds together the two sets of armour. Mabey a mk3 and a mk2. Dunno yet. I only have limited funds after all.

    7. Two boxes will get you nearly 2000 pts. You could just buy the shield set from FW to go on the plastics.

    8. I already have the sheild set and I want to kit bash my 5 plastics with the 5 forge world resin guys. Would that look good?

  2. Some more good progress from you guys. Keeps me inspired :-)

  3. That ultra marine doesn't look smurf like at all, Excellent choice of colours. The othe stuff looks good as well.

    Looking forward to what you guys and girls do with the box set, it's not a full legion is it? ;)

  4. Praetor 150 pts
    Chaplain 100 pts
    Terminators no upgrades 175
    20 man tactical squad 250 pts
    Contempter with assault cannon 190
    10 man tactical 150
    Got bored last night and added it up there are additional upgrades so can be more but just bolters and bare bones units that's what it is roughly.

    1. Thanks man. That helps a lot. How many points is a usual game? Also are there any recommended loadouts? What units should I supplement with from forgewolds? Any hints at playing HH would be grateful.

  5. I don't really play much, but I do like to paint (I'm not very good but it's relaxing) and make lists. When I get home from work I will post what is possible to make with 2 boxes as well. Because the possibilities turn out to be a lot cooler with 2. I only plan on buying one btw

  6. 2 boxes a lot more possibilities
    Praetor 150 pts
    Consul 100 pts

    2 Contempters 175 pts each multi melta and assault cannon options. Can be used in same elite spot just have to start at most 6" apart.

    10 man Cataphractii terminators 325 points for 10. Lightning claw pairs, power fists and chain fists. Looks like only combo-bolters. It doesn't look like there is much options for power weapons so expect 5 pts each for power fists added.

    20 man tactical squad 250 pts.
    14man tactical squad 190 pts

    7 man tactical support squad 6 melta guns 220 pts
    7 man tactical support squad 6 plasma guns 220 pts

    Heavy support:
    6 man heavy support squad 6 rocket launchers 185 pts
    6 man heavy support squad 6 heavy bolters 155 pts

    Total: 2145

    You can have 3 hqs but doubtful if you want to chaplains, could convert to librarian with different weapon and helmet, though it does look tough to convert the hqs.

    1. What does the 7Th guy in the support squads take? I though they all had to have the same thing?
      Thanks for the list building tip.

  7. Sergeant cannot take special weapon unlike heavy support. At least that is what I took from the rules when I read them last night. So to really get everything used in the box 6 with special weapons and one extra with chains word and bolt pistol. Also that is partly assuming there is 3 each of the special weapons which I am assuming based on them having a specific sprue set for 10 marines.