Saturday, 5 December 2015

Battle Bunnies 20 Legions of Xmas: White Scars

On the fifth day of Xmas Santa gave to me: 
Sa-vage laugh-ing kill-ers!
Dirty Ditch Diggers
+++ Records Expunged +++
And a Legion full of Mys-ter-y

Legion: V
Name: White Scars
Former Names: Unknown (if any)
Primarch: Jaghatai Khan
First Captain at outbreak of Heresy: Jubal Khan
Forge World Paint scheme:
Not confirmed

Alternative Paint scheme: None attempted

Typical 2500pt list: 
Praetor: charnabal sabre; digital lasers; iron halo; Scimitar Jetbike 195

9 Tactical Space Marines: chainswords; + 1 Tactical Sergeant (artificer armour; heavy chainsword) 165
• Rhino: twin-linked bolter 40
9 Assault Space Marines: 2× power weapon; + 1 Assault Sergeant (lightning claw) 285

10 Jetbike Sky Hunters: multi-melta; volkite culverin; plasma cannon; Sky Hunter Sergeant (power weapon) 440
10 Jetbike Sky Hunters: multi-melta; volkite culverin; plasma cannon; Sky Hunter Sergeant (power fist) 445
3 Javelin Attack Speeders: mutli melta; 2× twin-linked lascannon 255

Sicaran Battle Tank: lascannon sponsons 175

Jaghatai Khan on Jetbike 500

2,500 points

List Summary: The fifth legion had access to a lot of bikes and enjoyed a very fast way of war. The Sicaran is one of the best fast tanks around and would fit in beautifully. 2 big squads of bikes supported by 3 Javelins would be a formidable and highly mobile force supported by 10 close combat tactical marines in a rhino and an assault squad equipped for close combat savagery. Laugh while you kill.



  1. That list sounds like awesome fun!! Bauble looks great as well! :D

  2. Awesome. Really looking forward to seeing the 5th Legion in our Blog Posts more!

  3. Fun, fluffy and costs a small fortune!

    The three Fs.

    Please build this...

  4. What happened to the Emperors children ornament?

    1. Probably sulking in the bedroom.

    2. It hasn't graced the tree yet sadly :) hopefully in next couple of days then photos will be updated :)

  5. Loving the twenty Legions of Christmas series guys! I'm looking forward to the 12th and 17th days.