Wednesday 30 December 2015

Daemons of the Ruinstorm: The Walking Dead

Howdy Guys and Girls!

This week I want to share my Plague Bearers - I painted them last year, but re-based them to 32mm bases recently. I'm a big fan of the new bases, and like Bloodletters (and Marines), these models really profit from the extra space.

Painting these guys was pretty fun, as I used them to experiment with my new Vallejo effect range paints - Verdigris, different rusts and different blood effects.

The goal for my Plague Bearers was to make something truly disgusting, almost Zombie-like creatures, walking nightmares. Khorne's daemons are classical devils, while Slaanesh is inspired by Succubii and Tzeentch draws some elements from japanise Tengu lore, but Nurgle ... Nurgle should make you vomit, and freak you out. Hope you (kind of) enjoy them ^.^

Plague Bearers

Scl'bae'shaks, Nurgle's Tallymen, Lesser Daemons of the Plague Father

Plaguebearers are the footsoldiers of Nurgle's daemonic legions. These loathsome creatures are crafted from the blighted souls of mortals who have been slain by the virulent plague known as Nurgle's Rot. 

These Lesser Daemons of the Lord of Decay are shambling, pustulent creatures. Plaguebearers have gangling, bony limbs, their bodies swollen with decay, so much so that glistening innards are exposed through rents in their skin. They possess a single, cyclopean eye and a single horn rising above their haggard, drawn faces, their bodies covered in filth and parasites. Despite the Plaguebearer's unusual appearance, they are supernaturally resilient to harm, the gifts of their master having inured them to all pain. 

Plaguebearers are constantly surrounded by clouds of droning flies and chant monotonous hymns, their gait a staggering lope. Their sonorous voices attempt to keep count of the number of noxious plagues unleashed by Nurgle; an impossible task, for the Grandfather of Plagues constantly invents new strains of viruses. 

They also serve as the "Tallymen of Nurgle," eternally bound to record all of their Dark God’s pestilential creations. Many believe that Plaguebearers are in fact created by such diseases, incubating within plague victims and feeding upon their dying energies, only to later fully emerge from their heaped bodies.

Thanks for reading :)

Lady Atia


  1. They look great! What colours and techniques did you use for the skin?

    1. Thanks Drake!

      I should have the recipe here somewhere, it's based on Vallejo paints, including Rotten White. Will try to find it and post next week alongside one of Nurgle's favourite heralds :P

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks :)

      I probably will do another 20 plague bearers in the future, some with a more greenish tint too^^

  3. Papa nurgle has been busy, nice job!

  4. Great work - will have to look into the Vallejo technical range.

    1. Glad you like them!

      Yeah, the Vallejo technical range is awesome, i prefer it over the GW range (their "orange" rust is no drybrush, their verdigris is abit like a glaze and smoother, more variety with their blood tones, etc)

  5. The champion looks like a smaller version of the old classical great unclean one.