Tuesday 22 December 2015

Dear Santa

Hi all 

What would you ask good ol' G-Dubbs and Forge World for if you could have the chance? Let's see what we would like:

King Fluff
Remembrancers (all different varieties from painters to poets)
Adeptus Custodes
Sisters of Silence
Plastic Mark 2 & 3 from GW
The Emperor of Mankind
Malcador the Sigilite
Bridge interiors from Zone Mortalis
Drop pod launch bays for Zone Mortalis
Realm of Battle wrecked titans board section(s)
A Stormbird as described in the Novels. 

The rest of the Ultramarines to be released...

Lady Atia
- female versions of Tech-priest, Knight Scion and Solar Auxilia
- Vanus and Venenum Assassins
- Space Wolves Kaerls
- more Skitarii (Breachers, heavy support, HQ variant)
- Sisters of Silence
oh and i want Squats and Chaos Squats!!

Aveinus Kaane
-More shattered legions goodness
- a model for Meduson! 
- great crusade from GW 
- would like to see blood Angels begin to receive some releases.

- The 3 Primarchs that have rules but no model, 
- Stormbird 
- Mastadon 
- A Travitz model
- More plastic kits
- Mk4 jump pack upgrade packs
- Updated legion army list books
- New Ork models to tie in with the Beast Rises

Drake Seta
Mk1 Terminators like in Meduson
A Rhino Advancer for the Vlka Fenryka
A Rhino Castellan for the Iron Warriors which actually opens up into a mini bunker on the tabletop. 
More Mortalis tiles! Especially feature ones. 
Upgrade / conversion packs to put MKII or MKIV Legionnaires into Land speeders and Jetbikes. 
A Heavy Knight Chassis
A Ad-mech style Tarellian release for 40k and 30k
A Plastic Thunderhawk
A 6" tall poseable MKIV marine for a mantle piece decoration
A once a year ltd event only Knight Errant + Rules
Some Legion dice

What do you want? Write below. 


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  2. Where do I start? Dorn is the biggest thing missing... maybe some Imperial Fist terminators? Australia not to pay convict tax on every item from GW.

  3. Lemme tell ya, those free gift sacks that GW is throwing into orders this year? They're no joke. Huge burlap thing with a drawstring. More than I was expecting, and worth keeping.

  4. 30k Space Wolves rules and a Leman Russ Primarch model.

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  6. Techpriest transport m.u.l.e. Walker. Mechanicus flyer. Brains in clear jars multi-brained techpriest. I also second Atia on the female figures.

    1. Hi Batty!

      Yeah, a MULE would be awesome too (almost forgott about that one hehe). I think a GW Mechanicus flyer is almost given, but it may take a while.

  7. Alllllllllll offffffff thhhhhheeeee abbbooovvveee!!!!!!!!!!
    That's all basically what I would want from GW and forge world.

  8. Dear Santa, for Christmas I would like...
    Plastic epic, admech, sm, orks and elder (to start with at least)
    Plastic Mars pattern warhound a exactly like the current model (no skulls please)
    Plastic mkII, mkIII, rhinos,landraiders, and fellblade.
    Leviathan command tank
    Behemoth mobile fortress
    A painting slave...

    But most of all, lower prices :)

    1. Oh, and Cataphractii resin power weapons... Forgot that one.

  9. Alpharius! I'm glad that Corax is next.

    But where's the Aleph Null? Or any other Alpha Legion units?

    Take care of the units in Extermination before you do units in Tempest and after.

  10. Just some Vlka Fenryka please.
    And a better Guilliman model if possible. Why didn't you do the twin power fist face full of rage version FW!?

  11. I'd like Forgeworld to release the Horus Heresy books around November each year so I'm certain to have one thing for Christmas I really want!


    -Resin Adeptus Titanicus with new Titan variants (Psy-Titan, Nemesis variant, etc)
    -More resin Battlefleet Gothic
    -A policy of not reissuing updated versions of older Forgeworld books for new editions of 40k: this ties up FW's resources and time when they could be bringing us new stuff! Just update the rules online instead.

  12. A combination of some parts of all comments etc above but also other individual Knight Errant figures like Rubios and Varren etc

    1. Well, Rubio will have rules in the next black book, so ... :)

      Varren, Cerberus, Qruze, the other SoH dude from Outcast Dead, ... so much cool characters *_*

    2. Really want a Knight Errant character released every year.

    3. I'll happily take a different Knight Errant figure every Christmas!! All are so awesome if anyone has read Vengeful Spirit yet!!

  13. Corax is coming but my wallet is not fat...

    Will you please put a Corax in this old man's hat...

    If haven't got a Corax, a Rogal Dorn will do...

    If you haven't got a Rogal Dorn...

    We'll exterminatus you!

    Seriously though - I'd love to see models for Spear and the other assassins from Nemesis.

    Also, Custodes. Been waiting for nice Custodes models since the 1990's.

    And Russ. And Dorn. And Alpharius, if he isn't out already ;)

  14. My personal wishes would be:
    Skitarii and full-on Imperial Army (reading Tallarn Ironclad right now...) for 30k.
    New Imperial Armour book featuring Adeptus Mechanicus with additional model support from FW.

    But... I'm on board with the idea of new feature tiles for ZM! A bridge and launch bay would be amazing :D

  15. Well, that would be a long list as I want EVERYTHING 40k/30k to be released one day or another. ^^

    Here we go for some spécial wishes:

    - Custodes, hope they'll choose the armour design from Adrian Smith's artwork and not the "big legs" style from the cover of The Imperial Truth.
    - a badass UM Contemptor with a Roman toga! <3
    - Argel Tal
    - a new mini for Night Haunter, with the Corona Nox and a more regal - yet dark - feeling.
    - the Atramentar
    - Nykona "floor is lava" Sharrowkyn
    - lowering the IRL price of the Invictarii Suzerains, that £60 are excruciating. :'^<
    - An alternative model for Guilliman. I think the mini is perfect but too many people are complaining about the pose. Just keep the gladius, gladii are pure space Romans awesomeness.
    - Russ and Magnus not being stupidely OP...
    - ... but having awesome models!
    - plastic Sicaran

  16. -cataphractii storm shields
    -thunderhawk landing pad
    -books 6, 7 & 8
    -more character models!
    -continued awesomeness
    -updates to Badab war books
    -more chapter upgrades. Shields, weapons, legs. ...
    -"art book" with more color schemes, tank markings, vehicle paint jobs
    -red book campaign collection
    -helmeted heads for primarchs

  17. - The new Masterclass
    - the remaining Ultramarines
    - a third Sicaran variant

    In all I am pretty pleased with what FW is putting out and the rate at which they are doing it. I would like to know what plastics are in the pipeline, e.g. if Rhinos are coming as I still need 3 of them soonish and of course would prefer to spend less on them.

  18. Tyrant Siege Terminators, Erasmus Golg, and Iron Warrior torsos that aren't a complete joke! I e-mailed them asking about the design and they literally told me that the IW torsos were an experiment! :-(

  19. I would have said Corax, but well.... :D

    I would like:
    -Dark Furies
    -Some Raven Guard Characters
    -The new Dreadnought pattern (which I'm hoping will have a jump pack)
    -A plastic Thunderhawk
    -Plastic MkIV Assault Marines

  20. Everyone you forgot to mention a proper jetbike as depctd in the visions book