Friday, 4 December 2015

Forge World release 4/12... Including Horus Heresy Weekender tickets and details

Hey guys a new friday has broken through which means a new batch of releases from Forge World. And this week is a very busy week, a lot to cover today, ready for Xmas it seems!!!

First off we have the public release of tickets for the Horus Heresy Weekender 2016. This is for the 6th and 7th of Feb. Tickets are £70 and will be featured once again at the Belfry. At this time (8.55am) the page seems to have crashed so keep checking it out to get your ticket!!

Next up we have the anticipated release of the Ordinatus Ulator engine. This has been teased to us for a long while now and we have now been given access!! A stunning model with immense rules, which can be found in the Red Mechanicum book. This is ready to be shipped as of 11th of December.

Next we have a few collections which may interest some people. First of which is the Primarch collection. This is a bundle of all of the currently released Primarchs. This is going to cost £600 for the entire collection. A handy way if you were going to own all of the Primarchs but hadn't started buying them yet!!

Next collection we have the Horus Heresy book collection, this is a bundle of all of the Heresy books, from Betrayal all the way up to Tempest. Nice little way to get all the books in one go. This collection will cost £350.

Last of all is a Zone Mortalis release. This is the Battlefield Network. This bundle consists of 16 tiles and doors of all varieties. Enough to make a 4' by 4' board. Great bundle if you have just started with terrain and need some Zone Mortalis before Xmas!!! This bundle will cost £450.

A busy week indeed from Forge World, a lot to get in just before Xmas. A quick reminder that free shipping vouchers are available so if you get your orders in now, that next delivery will be oh so much sweeter!!!

What did you guys think of this week's releases? What would you like to see come out next? Let us know in the comments below :)

Darko Thane


  1. The book bundle is okay, you save 14-26 pounds (comparing to istvaan bundle + conquest + tempest or the 5 books individually), but with the primarchs collection the saving is "only" 15 pounds, which actually is not that bad, but then again you're spending 600 pounds at once. The zone mortalis is quite cheaper than all pieces individually (aprox a 50 pounds discount), but it is more expensive than getting the previous 16 tiles bundle + blast doors bundle (435 vs 450), all depends on the variety of tiles you prefer (more variety in the new bundle).

    1. Thanks for that Elzender! Was going to add it all up tonight! Thanks for saving me the effort.

    2. You're welcome! I've got used to it, specially when some of the bundles might interest me. Sadly, it seems that with every new bundle release, the savings on them diminish. I miss the old FW website, I have the feeling that since that change was made, GW has started to take control on FW prices, which weren't cheap to start with.
      And thank you all for this blog, you are doing a great job with your projects and you always post the newest information regarding FW, which is always appreciated.

  2. Will the bunnies be represented at the weekender? I really want too go, but I can't get a weekend pass...

    1. I think at least 6 of us are going :D expect the best reporting right here!

    2. Cool, things have changed, I should be able to make one day at least.