Monday, 7 December 2015

Weekly Progress Report 06/12

Hey guys, a great week for us all here in the bunny camp. We had a great Xmas party and went over a lot of things for the next year. A lot of exciting stuff coming up..... 
For now lets keep going with one of the last Reports of the year.

Drake Seta has been helping out Castiel in preparation for the Battle Bunnies Xmas battle, so has not got much done apart from Baubles and a hand in the Dark Angels. 
The week coming though Drake has readied 11 Cataphractii and both a Leviathan and Deredeo Dreadnought for his Iron Warriors. He has to get some bags and Blisters made and painted, hence the decision to start them. 
He also has prepped Nathaniel Garro (Knight Errant edition) as he doesn't have the time to do the XIV Legion Garro before Xmas, and luckily the Knight Errant scheme used by FW was the same as the Iron Warrior scheme they make - So Garro Should be complete by the end of the week.

Aveinus has been busy finishing Ferrus Manus for the battle with the other bunnies this week. Applying the finishing touches with the Runefang Steel highlight. He has also found some time to start adding the base coat of Leadbelcher to his new predator executioner.

Atia was busy finishing a bunch of daemons - Skulltaker, another Herald and her Skull Cannon. She also created the base for her next creature of Khorne - the Guardian of the Skullthrone.

King Fluff has been pulling some late shifts in order to finish his 21 model salute for the Bunnies Xmas Bash, he completed 2 Terror Squads, a unit of Night Raptors and his Praevian this week.

Darien was working hard on his Justaerin. He managed to lay down all the main base colours ready for the Bunnies Xmas party. Work will continue on them this week!

The rest of us have no progress to report of for whatever individual hinderances became of us.

What do you guys think of what we have been up to this week? Let us know in the comments below :)

Darko Thane


  1. Good stuff all round but boy do I miss the first 4 Legion projects that the bunnies did.

    Any chance before book 6 you will return to those legions?

    1. Hey Taron! Death Guard are getting a revisit early next year (Plasma Cannons, 21 Grave Warden, Garro conversion, 8 Infantry, 2 -3 Contemptors and possibly a Caestus Ram).
      Emperor's Children will get some love over the next few weeks then will be shelved til second half of 2016.
      Grey Word Bearers are on hold.
      World Eaters are finished unless Darko feels like doing or adding more next year.

    2. Hey Drake, how was the leviathan to build? I have one sitting in fairy atm, any advice?

    3. Hey Colonel. Go to our web version and Search Leviathan in the top left corner. I do a full build guide :)

    4. Sweet as I look forward to more Death and destruction from the DG. Have the rumors on new row got you guys rethinking army list builds or are you guys sticking to pre Set lists?

    5. Well I want to have a Grave Warden force for Death Guard, a Atramentar force for Night Lords, a Terror force for Night Lords. Other than that, just horde Legion-ing it and only getting options which fit in with the fluff the best (3 Basilisks for IWs etc).

  2. Cheers Drake, and guess which forgetful muppet commented on this...

  3. I found the leviathan quite straightforward to put together. Just beware with the arms for lining up the cables. The range of movement is quite limited so beware!