Saturday, 16 January 2016

2016 - A look ahead

There is a lot of promise for 2016 for both the Battle Bunnies and The Horus Heresy. 
Many of us have firmly got our teeth into our legions with others cutting new territory. Like most having been a collector for some time I've always had several projects on the go. 

So what do I want to achieve this year?

This beast is next up. One of my favourite SH tanks and totally befitting the Imperial Fists. 

These guys are coming together as we speak. I have enough plastic marines from BaC and other resins to happily complete a nice Battle Company with specialist squads. 
In fact I have 90 plastic Mk IV's alone :O

House Hawkshroud will be coming along for the ride too. 
This is not mine. I wasnt able to get the name of the guy so please know I'm not taking credit. 
It is however an amazing example of what I hope mine will come out like. 

One of these is my goal for minis at the HH Weeekender. Anything else is pretty moot I'm not going to lie ;D

I plan to pick up the new WL Titan head too. The reason for this is a planned diorama and I need the standing Princeps to add to my others. 
And let's be fair it's cool as hell :)

And I as I look forward I'm anticipating with great expectation the next phase of Battle Bunnie gaming what I can say is it's going to amazing so keep your eyes on the blog for further updates.

I hope to get my City Fight board up to par ready. 
Some of the tiles in base paint. 

One of the statues that will feature throughout the city. 

One of the massive buildings nearly finished. I'll be putting up a post on how I modified the tile to help me do this another time. 

And finally a sneak at some of the projects I'll be getting into.

This guys and his mates. 

Some of this:

And a whole bunch of this:

I hope you've enjoyed a little tour into my 2016. Beyond that I look forward to sharing with you guys our trips to events photos projects and gaming along the way.
Hopefully we'll meet some you at the same time. 

- Tylar


  1. Loving the look of the stuff you got going on. Interesting to see this diorama with the wl head you got planned :)

  2. Loving the look of the city board! Looking forward to the Mastadon as well, I will be picking one up for the SoH!

  3. You ambition is admirable. The typhon is a great tank, idead its probably my fav sm tank too. Love the building, with talk on necromunda in the works, could this be pulling duel service?

    Is that a non-gingerbread thunder hawk?

    1. No it's a little something else that I'll share in a post later ;)

  4. That's a whole lot of Seventh legion, or best legion ;) coming our way. Looking forward to seeing them in the future!

  5. Really looking forward to your Knights! Love the Hawkshroud look.

  6. Was going to say, you have your work cut out with 90+ marines, until I realised that I have a similar amount lying around here too.

    The statue is great, as is the whole setup you are doing. Look forward to the end result.

    1. Thanks. I'll be sharing more as I go along.